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Why did you leave your job at RBC?

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  • RBC is not the worst place to work, it honestly depends on your manager. HOWEVER, they pay ridiculously below market rate, yet boasts about the profits earned each quarter. If your purpose for working is to meet new people and can proudly say you work at the bank then it’s perfect. If you actually need to afford basic necessities in life then rethink your decision to join.

  • Micromanaged, was encouraged to speak up by HR - told “we will support you” - things only get worse after you speak up, no confidentiality. Terrible leadership in upper management - they keep toxic RVPs and lose good, long tenured staff. Terrible culture, all they care about making their billions no matter what it does to the health of their employees.

  • Really depends on people, but honestly deteriorated my mental health. Working in fraud, they put so much pressure on stats and how fast you process vs. the number of mistakes you make from going too fast. Basically you have to go though calls like a robot.. I get why, but personally sent me through a spiral of depression and anxiety but like I said, not everyone is like that.

  • Everything is now micro-managed to a point where it is not at all about customer service anymore, you're too busy trying to meet and balance the targets and not allowed the time to properly help people. Was forever being told by managers I was being "too helpful".

  • Toxic Managers, Stressful Environment and Opportunistic people only want to do "coffee" to pump information from you or see where you can get them. Put it this way, my overall health DRAMATICALLY improved once i left, and I was a healthy person when I started but it took a drastic downturn once I got into the bank. I will NEVER go back, totally not worth it for me.

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  • Very Stressful place to work, lots of politics, toxic culture, bad leadership, no support, Leaders don’t know or don’t want to deal with HR issues.

  • Toxic work culture. Lots of favouritism and putting employees down if they can’t meet targets. Not an enjoyable work environment.

  • Sounds like a toxic culture....

  • R: Really
    B: Bad

    C: Choice:

    197.Billion 2015

    333.Billion 2018

    Any bank with these stats. is POUNDING

    their clients. Words to the wise.. Steer Clear! Whether it is employment you seek or somewhere to sock your pennies.

  • Managers are only nice to you because they need something from you. They make their bonuses off your hard work and at the end if they don’t need you your nothing but a replaceable employee. They don’t value you or the work you’ve done in tbe last. You are nothing but a number. It’s not RBC but the people they employ and in position are not the greatest. People get promoted because they know how to rub elbows with the right people.

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