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What should you wear to an interview at RAPID CITY TRANSPORTATION?

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Can you attend job fairs in different cities than your own? Since it is a driving position getting to that city wouldn’t be an issue in the mornings to start work.

If you show up In clothes and you can speak and are willing to work for min wage no benefits? You will be hired.

Shirt and tie jacket

Ripped jeans and a stained tank will not get you hired at Autolux.. we have a professional screening process for all potential candidates, and receive hundreds of applications in response to our job postings. I would also like to mention that less than 1% of our employees resign, and the reason for that is the culture, nice working conditions and stable employment.

Business Attire

Please wear professional attire to any interview. Unlike the other spam answer you will not be hired if you were ripped clothing.

You can wear ripped jeans and a stained tank... they’d still hire you...

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