Rapid City Transportation
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Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Rapid City Transportation?

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Yes, vulnerable sector check required before you start driving

They require a Customer Service Attitude as well as a Vulnerable Sector Police Screening a Current Drivers Abstract and a solid record of insurance experience!

Owner is a Rasist russian comie

Depends on the position. Drivers require a vulnerable sector police check as they drive people around, including children. The office staff doesn’t require that.

No background check they will hire anyone who is willing to work not train them and hire a new batch a week later and then scream about productivity and yell at you if you're not trained in something that the lady who's worked there for over 20 years still hasn't even been trained in. (Please note she has had the same position the entire time she has worked there and still makes 12$ an hour, there is no room for growth, and absolutely no job security)

Police vulnerable sector check as well as driver's abstract needed

No background check, no reference check, they will hire just about anyone willing to work for $12/hour

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