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The Rallye Group is Ego driven not sales and service driven. They care nothing about the customer and their sales are smoke & mirrors and high press tactics..worked their for 9 months 12 hours a day ( paid for 8 hours ) Cares nothing about long term customers,, sell sell now as much as you can soak the customer over a 96 month purchase. They sell after market products that the customer doesn't need and they sell rustproofing and paint gaurd and many times the vehicle never received it.. Never have I worked at a place that has such a disrespectful regard to their staff and customers.. This group of companies has no conscience ..Loved the product, just couldn't hack the turn over, inexperienced staff, and know nothing managers..I'm in my forties and worked in the service department at two of their stores and we had to sell sell all the time and upsell the customer..Most times the cars didn't need what we were selling..Very dishonest but we had too as we were told the company was facing a potential cash crunch as business is down throughout the company..Don't believe any positive reviews you read about Rallye Group as they are staff and family written.. We all had to write fake reviews on line.. Fake Fake....
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Lol many many
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