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Avis des employés pour Sales Consultant chez Rallye Motors Auto Group

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Sales Consultant1 avis
Canada1 avis
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Rallye Motors is a strong growing company that works at a fast pace. If you’ve ever been told you talk too much, you’d best not bother with any car sales positions at any company because you must be able to listen quickly, accurately & perceive the truth out of the best poker faced customer’s. You have to be the kind of person that can figure things out on your own with very, very minimal training so your personal motivation for monetary success needs to be very high. The guys that can do it get compensated very well. The managers have great closing skills and will work with you to teach you the finer points on how to make a deal work - learn from their creativity.
Points positifs
Compensated 100% on making the cash register ring
Points négatifs
You’ll be told there’s comprehensive training but there is not. You need to have computer experience, strong sales closing abilities and you’ll be educated on a need to know basis on the fly.
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