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Worked in the office for about a year and what they force you to do is sometimes illegal as you become a Rallye slave and they think and want you to believe that they own you. The Rallye Group gives the car business a really bad name as they will do anything to sell a vehicle,, lie,, dishonest,, make out of town people drive for hours to their dealership knowing full well the vehicle you drove 3 hours to buy was sold days ago.. They will bate you over the phone or online just to get you into their dealership.. Advertised vehicle payments are always much higher when you get to the dealership..As staff we were told to write reviews that were positive and have our family write reviews and post them online... Most of the reviews you see that are positive are written by staff members and are fake......The consumer is upset with them either from a terrible buying experience or getting shafted at the service department.... Don't ever work their and never buy anything from them,,, ever,,, go elsewhere..
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