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3.7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bonne expérience en général,un soutien cotidien de la part du siège du groupe, le volet Formation très riche.
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Server at radisson hotel.

This company will not respect the employees. Often time worked on call and pay checks didn't reflect the work we were doing. Many of times I was required to go the accounting department to show I actually worked on the days I didn’t paid for. Run far away

Points positifs

Free lunchs

Points négatifs

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Worked for previous ownership that was always cutting labour costs which in turn affected the level of service and staff morale.

Older hotel property, in need of constant repair. Very limited parking available for day events or even hotel guests. Looked after sales and marketing for the hotel and restaurant and was also dumped on with the catering mgr duties on 3 separate occassions because of turn over. Mid management was expected to work long hours with no overtime or compensation. American owned company at the time, new ownership now.

Points positifs

It was a job

Points négatifs

It was a job that didn't pay well
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Kitchen was a fun place to work

Only major downside is there is little to know work, busiest the restaurant got was 16 tables. Tge hotel was more concerned about promoting tge rooms with very little promotion of the restaurant

Points positifs

Free food, laid back, friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

Not busy enough
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Offer full time

They do not offer you 15 minute breaks and they only schedule you for 7.5 hour days, which doesn’t allow you to work 40 hour weeks. Management is not professional at directing staff. They make you cheat the system.
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Staff are awesome company is not

Not good wages or salary.Always understaffed and overworked.Make you feel like your not valued and you can always be replaced.Never listen to your ideas or concerns
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Rewarding, wholesome, cordial

Ive been working for more than 24 years since i started and this company is great to work for.I have freedom of doing things at my own pace and as long as i don't daydream at my desk and the staff are friendly.They give me projects to work on with ample time and resources and i do get so many thank you's that i dont know why i worked elsewhere.We've got a new boss and shes great. Tough but always fair and caring.We like her so much that for her birthday we all got together and sang her Happy Birthday on a video conference. We all did it because for our birthday shes always buying us lunch and taking care of us. And it doesnt stop there.

Points positifs

pace, appreciated, projects, boss

Points négatifs

distractions, parking when its busy, projects are challenging, boss can be tough
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Worked at the hotel for 2 1/2 years

I worked at Radisson Red Deer for 2 1/2 years...Start out was a bit choppy but once i got into it i was fine.The amount of info was alot but the pace of work was calm.I dont work there anymore because i had to move otherwise i'd still be there.

Points positifs

Great Benefits, Good Culture

Points négatifs

Not enough days off
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Réponse officielle de Radisson Hotel Group

28 juin 2021
Hello,Thanks for your feedback.We try to give two consecutive days off to everyone even if its in the middle of a busy week.Warmest regards,Amin Suleman

Beautiful and Awesome Employers

This was the best hotel I ever worked for in my entire career.I learnt a lot about myself, career, abilities, discipline and capabilities. I don't regret working for them and certainly wouldn't mind working for them again.

Points positifs

Good benefits & incentives

Points négatifs

Managements lack of proper investigation
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Fun place to work, co workers are friendly and cooperative

I would recommend working here, even thou it can be very busy at times because we are in the heart of winnipeg. The pay is above minimum, full benefits after 1 year.discounts on rooms and meals. Friendly co workers

Points positifs

Good management, 50% discount on meals, friendly co workers, fix schedule

Points négatifs

Benefit after 1 year, no union
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Very good place to work, great people and management.

I would recommend this place to work to anyone because they pay good and paid for my plane ticket to and from Newfoundland. They also have me and my girlfriend a trailer to live in for free

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Early morning
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Wonderful place , great coworkers if i could i would do it again

All in all great company to work for. Everyone was a team player and did what they had to do to get it done. Coworkers were friendly out going and enjoyed the job they had to do.
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Not worth working for this company

This place has no work-life balance. Paystub is just a piece of cake. I would recommend not to work for companies like this. They have no criteria of treating their employees well.

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Maybe it’s better being new but having been there and watch them do all this leaves you with no respect

They fired the management thinking they can take over themselves, most are rude , not a very great place at all anymore , use to be amazing at the start went down hill really fast.
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Good Chain with limited North American Presence

Good international chain with limited presence in North America. Very strong brand in Europe and Asia. Competes with full service brands across the world.
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Environnement de travail

L environnement de travail est magnifique. Le staff comme une seule famille. Les conditions de travail est très correcte . En résumé il y a un champ Pour être productif .

Points positifs

Repas gratuits. Formation gratuite.
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Good workplace. learned a lot to start off my career. Management was great as a training point of view. Very helpful, and friendly. Coworkers were helpful too.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Very busy place but was made easier with good staff and managment

The work environment was very busy. The culture was very formal as it is an historic railroad hotel from the first part of the century. Very beautiful.

Points positifs

great team of managers who supported each other when the time was required

Points négatifs

Long hours but that is part of the business
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very nice peoples and management in the hotel.

Working with multinational staff with gain full experience will have also very friendly staff, teamwork and all in a timely manner. all staff are very friendly and nice atmosphere to Edmonton as well to the airport 10 minute from the hotel.

Points positifs

we do have town hall meeting in a month while.

Points négatifs

they will pay overtime as well.
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great place

many things to learn. great experience. sometimes difficult but overall is a pleasant experience of working, the staff is friendly and helpful. new opportunities possible
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worked there a while ago

worked there long time ago and pretty basic hotel front desk job. day to day transactions and people are friendly. I only worked there part time, and nice hotel
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