Quinton Steel
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  • Once the plant manager tried to physically intimidate and threaten and employee and ended up getting tossed around that was in 2019. They have improved little from the time they were opened and had a fatality in the place. Yelling is the go to here as management are equal measures cowardly and gutless and or inferior minded humans of little quality or qualifications that were moved into a management role through proximity to the owner who himself is a cowardly individual who liked to try and work as a puppet master but can't back up his own decisions. For instance he had someone fired and then had a supervisor do that which is standard but when said person asked him about it he was too much of a coward and the person was back to work until their inability to do the job had them fired again.

    Réponse du 1 août 2020
  • You don't need to prepare if you have an interview you likely have a job. They will walk you around the establishment. Without any comments on the actual job or people or management it should be noted that for many this is the end of the journey for them as they walk through the place and decide they don't want to work in the place employees refer to as purgatory or San Quinton in reference to a prison.

    Réponse du 1 août 2020
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