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Quesys is a Montreal based IT consulting firm specializing in office network installation and technical implementation of servers and complex computer systems.
Quesys supports students in need with Asus Chromebook donations
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About Us

We Know Your Story, Because Ours Started Small Too! Starting out? We know what that’s like! Quesys was founded by three entrepreneurs in the IT industry over 10 years ago and has become a leader in information technology services, IT Projects, security, and managed services that deliver outstanding service and support to our clients. Today we provide IT consulting services to clients large and small including major retail outlets, schools, universities, government departments, professional service offices, and private businesses of all kinds. Many of our clients outsource their entire IT department to us and we value their trust and provide the best service possible. Company Mission and Culture At Quesys, our mission is to create a positive work environment founded on technical excellence, professional growth, and a sense of belonging. Quesys believes in a human-centered experience approach that recognizes the uniqueness and different needs of our valued team members. We meet you where you currently are at and set you up for professional success. A Quesys technical support engineer role isn’t just a job; it’s a place where you can make a real difference every day — that’s rare and powerful stuff. Some of the other practical benefits of becoming a Quesys technical support engineer include: #1. Excellent experience in a growing field: You'll gain crucial hands-on experience that will challenge and expand your skillset. The IT industry is one of the most important, and fastest-growing industries in the world. #2. Add and refine important soft skills: Working at Quesys will expand important soft skills like communication, decision making, customer service, and organization. You'll learn to work well in a team situation, how to manage problems and customers, and how to take professional pride in everything you do. #3. Up-to-date technological knowledge: Technology moves quickly and it's crucial that Quesys team keeps up with it. Working in our environment, you'll see how we keep up while constantly learning, adapting, and knowing the latest technology solutions.

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Service is a Passion Next to technology, excellent service and support is our passion. We know that communication is key to our success – and your comfort. Our computer consultants take a proactive approach to keep your office network running and your data safe. We manage our customers computers, computer networks, and office installations with the highest level of service, security, efficiency, and care.

Community Initiatives at Quesys

Quesys' Gives Computers to Students We know that computers are crucial to our children's education today. Yet in Canada hundred of thousands of kids don't have in-home computer access. Which is why Quesys is helping support students in need with Asus Chromebook donations to help them keep up with their studies at home. Quesys' believes in a human-centered approach to business making it important to us to be a part of the greater community where we live and work.

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Quesys uses a Hybrid Work From Home Model

This means we have an accommodating work remote and in-house approach for team members. We put our staff in a position where they can work to their strengths which in turn raises productivity and customer satisfaction. This allows team members who need to focus quietly at home and those who thrive better in a community office setting the ability to work where and when they're most productive. This also means we can better accommodate our team's work-life balance. Working from home gives people with dependents (kids, pets, family members, spouses, etc.) the chance to work comfortably while staying connected.

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