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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Often short staffed, long wait times, admitted patients in ER taking up beds for emergent patients. Little managerial support

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Often short staffed, long wait times, admitted patients in ER taking up beds for emergent patients. Little managerial support. Rapid exodus of senior nurses, and hiring of new grads with little experience, makes a dangerous situation on the daily. Due to short staff levels, break coverage is often not available. High levels of paramedics and patients on offload delay.
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People who work there are nice, but the work is hard and never stops

If we weren't constantly short staffed it would be a lot better. There needs to be more funding to allow to hire more and create more full time positions.
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Nursing through the pandemic has been very stressful. A lot of senior staff left but QCH still follows CNO/RNAO recommendations for staffing ratios which is unfair and often unsafe, leaving nurses to feel inadequate and risk their nursing license. That being said, the management has been very supportive to newer staff and provide patient care aids and extra nurses to share the workload. Overall, happy with the culture, support and opportunities.

Points positifs

Culture, support, attrition

Points négatifs

Long hours, overtime, tiny parking spots (lots of scrapes)
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Busy work environment, fun co-workers

I love my job, most co-workers are very helpful but there is some backstabbing to watch out for. The atmosphere could be better without crooked management. You have to take the good aspects with the bad, location is perfect & close to home, rate of pay is well above the average.Wish I could get more hours
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Excellent workplace

Working with the screening team was fast pace, fun, and a supportive environment. Great management that was very helpful and attentive to the needs of the team
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Perfect work place

The perfect work place, happy 8 hours working with awesome people very nice management enjoyed everyday every hour with every work order.Very thankful
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Good Experience

I won't go into the details and bad experience I went through. But all I know is I would not recommend anyone working there. For a hospital setting, they lack compassion .
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Registered Nurse

I loved this place to work. I was there almost twenty years and don’t have a complaint. The staff was great, the docs were great, pretty much most people were great. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

Points positifs

Strong team work, good team spirit

Points négatifs

Hours, 12 hour shifts
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A typical day at QCH was doing many administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, taking minutes of the meeting. The workplace culture was purely professional.
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fast paced ER

Staff great to work with from the ward aids,clerical staff to physicians. Good management. Constantly learning every day, never a dull moment. love the computer charting.
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Productive and collaborative workplace

Collaborative and striving to improve patient safety through innovative initiatives such as implementing large volume smart infusion pumps, preparing for CPOE and automated dispensing cabinets.
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Fun and respectful place to work

A great work environment with co workers who actually love their jobs I would work there again in a heartbeat! Great pay, Clean environment. My favourite place to work!
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Its typical, you learn what they need you to do. Management is the same as everywhere else. It's not hard as long as you do what you're supposed to do.
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Diamond in the rough

The first thing you notice about QCH is the culture. The people are phenomenal, and it shows from top to bottom there. People genuinely care about you and your work.
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Great place to learn

I spent a month in the ALC unit at the QCH as my first nursing placement and felt it was a good learning environment. The hospital was being renovated and has some great new facilities. It's a great care agency.
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Good for patients Not for staff

Sadly staff are taken for granted not recognized for their hard work and commitment. No succession planning. Management is not supportive of staff hiring practices are questionable and people are leaving the organization
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Loved it, just cant do the 12 hr rotation nights and days. Very short turn around.

Worked here for 6 yrs + totally stable career. Only problem was 12 hr rotation nights days weekends. Remember to keep work and personal life separate from eachother.
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Enjoy my job here. the Work is constant and the pay is great I enjoy interacting with the patients. Managers are helpful and flexible. Staff is mostly friendly there are the odd few that spoil it but they are everywhere The job is what you make it
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great place to work

management very understanding and supportive. it is a pleasure working here, and would refer any friends or professionals to join the team at queensway carlton
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Poor management in most areas of the hospital talk down to nurses do not care about patient safety very budget oriented no job security

Difficult place to work. Work/life balance is non existent cannot get time off . Hospital has heavy workload especially on surgical floor never get breaks

Points positifs

You have a job
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Welcoming and happy environment

The days are busy and can sometimes be difficult, but you can guarantee that you always have an incredible and supportive interprofessional team behind you!
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