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La Direction a changé depuis mon départ

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Étant donné que la Direction a changé depuis mon départ, j'ose espérer que les expériences de travail sont maintenant prises en considération

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Le personnel y était super

Points négatifs

Direction pas à l'affût des expériences
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There isn't enough training, the work environment is discriminatory. There is not any room to move up. management could be more supportive and appreciative of the hard work that is done

Points positifs

other staff

Points négatifs

breakfast leftovers arent free. no room to move up.
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

New General Manager- Love coming to work

I have worked here for over a year, and they recently brought a new General Manager in, she is coaching us and teaching us new things.It is fun to come to work .

Points positifs

set schedules, good wage
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Great work place

This was my first ever job and I really appreciate and have taken with me everything that this job has taught me when I was working there many many years ago.

Points positifs

Paid Lunch

Points négatifs

Long Hours
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Benefits are deceiving

If you value benefits don't apply here. They collect premiums but don't deliver! Once you are off work sick they cancel your benefits. So you can't get prescriptions etc. coverage. They take your premiums and leave you high and dry!! Negotiate your wage if you decide to work for them because once you're working for them they will deny requests for a raise. On the bright side they can't get staff because of the low rates of pay so if you apply you will get hired. No experience necessary!

Points positifs

Management are nice but have their hands tied

Points négatifs

Be prepared to do high volume. No staff available for holiday relief etc.
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It's awesome place to work

Our boss is awesome,And all the other people that work there to is awesome,,But a raise would be nice because we do a lot of work for what little we get
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Fun but busy place!

I worked here for almost 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. The people that I worked with were great to get along with as well as Management. Sometimes the work was hard but that is just the industry.
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No room for advancement and no organization within management.

I worked for the company for almost two years and was truly not compensated fairly for all that was expected from me. I was paid minimum wage for overnight work. I was alone for almost all of the night with no security or protection of any sort. Management is either uninvolved or overinvolved and have expectations higher than the pay grade they give. Achievements were hardly acknowledged. There was no room for advancement, and if you did get promoted and put onto salary, you're expected to put in too many hours and end up making less than minimum wage in the end.

Points positifs

Hotel discounts Restaurant discounts

Points négatifs

Long hours, no protection, no flexibility in scheduling, poor pay, no benefits
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Not recommended to work

Experience and observe their management was poorly organized. Was not really given the right job I applied instead to fill-in another work. They hire and fire people without warning.

Points positifs

Friendly co workers

Points négatifs

Assistant manager lays off people for no reasons and no warnings.
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Fast Paced Environment

While working at this job I have learned so many new skills. It is a positive atmosphere with a team focused approach. At times it can be challenging but I learned a lot about problem solving and skills that can help me in the future.

Points positifs

Experience and competitive pay

Points négatifs

Shift flexibility
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This is an ideal place to work at

Between the staff and management, this was my favourite job, we had fun there while working and building a solid team. Management is great and strive to be the best, the amount of awards they have won in the hospitality industry is crazy. And the new ways and ideas of doing daily tasks it’s an ongoing learning path, your always learning. If you want to build a career in hotel management and have a drive for it and show it the managers here will take you under their wing. Show you the ropes teach you everything you need to know. After of course watching your work ethic and abilities for a bit.
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happy and grateful

I'm so Happy and Grateful to be part of the company listed in my resume because I gain experience and meet new friends and people. I must say that this really a once in lifetime adventure
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Vert peaceful to work here

The manager ils vert kindful ans patient. There is a good ambiance at work ans the all the collègues are also vert collaborative. I had a good expérience working here.
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Friendly and Organized

I love my experience there. I have learnt alot. The team was perfect .Unfortunately due to Covid19 the business is affected. Otherwise I would have stayed there.
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Fast-paced environment with an awesome kitchen staff

My direct supervisor was the most amazing manager I've ever had. She was willing to go to battle for her staff if the need ever arose. She would fight for our raises and bring up issues as often as needed until the issue was resolved.
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Management scamming employees

I was employed for 1 year did not receive any wage increase from start to finish. And it is a unionized place if you could believe that I'm glad I left
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Not a good place to work

l worked there for 13 years. We had a great supervisor then, and l worked as a room attendant. Three years ago the company sold out to new management. They are not good people to work for, the union rules are not followed and they do not care about their employees. I ended up quitting.
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Front desk manager job needs skills

You are managing 100 things at a time, and there can be some unusual events. Quick thinking and managerial skills required. Not very rewarding but definitely a stepping stone for becoming a hotel manager
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Competitive Work Place

I was a great experience for me as i spent a year over there i learnt a lot and i really feel now i became a good problem solver and it was a great team and i got leadership quality while working over there.
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I honestly thought i was going to get some were with this company but had no contract signed with company and was supposed got accused of alot of things got played beat around the bush ended up doing alot of things that was not in the job discription etc ill never recommend any one to this place
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Owen Sound Quality Inn is not a good place to work!

No raises no benefits or perks and they show no appreciation for hard working employees. The owner is only concerned on how much money he is making whether it be at his employees expense or the guests experience at the Hotel.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Charges employees for meals, over works staff plus many more.
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