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Room Attendant13 avis
Canada13 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Easy work short days

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I enjoy working here at Quality Inn West Edmonton. It is relaxed 6-7hr day shifts. Management is awesome and understanding. Interview was quick got hired on the spot.
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Do not work here

this is the worst place you could possibly work. If the high turn over rate isn't enough to clue you in. This is an INCREDIBLY toxic work place and like all business very grey legally. Workers threatened with write ups even when following protocols. You either get no hours or you get all of them in a day. You are forced to work for another hotel by management if not again threatened with write ups it doesn't matter if you're a great employee or the worst employee you will be punished. Save your energy the stress of this place is not worth it.

Points positifs

An extra break because theres so many smokers

Points négatifs

No hours or too many in one day, Bad management, Toxic work environment, Punished for doing a good job
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Great work place

This was my first ever job and I really appreciate and have taken with me everything that this job has taught me when I was working there many many years ago.

Points positifs

Paid Lunch

Points négatifs

Long Hours
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Low page, high expectations

They have you clean 16 rooms a day and pay minimum wage. They give you 30 minutes for each room and don't pay you more if it takes longer. The only good thing is that you can work on your own.
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Not a good place to work

l worked there for 13 years. We had a great supervisor then, and l worked as a room attendant. Three years ago the company sold out to new management. They are not good people to work for, the union rules are not followed and they do not care about their employees. I ended up quitting.
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Everyday is the same to me cleaning rooms. I did this before so it is easy for me I enjoy cleaning rooms. I like being a team player Most co workers arw easy to get along with
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Overall it was A good experience

Like I said it was a great experience and I would not definately work there again. I bet some amazing people. Most importantly I learnt so much about the hotel And what they stand by.
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Regarding job

Hello, I need a job. I am full time worker. I think this hotel is best for me because this is near and I am very hard worker. I do work in fort Erie factory but now my interest in this hotel.

Points positifs

Hard worker

Points négatifs

Need long hours
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there was now management and she was letting people go and i was let go. I loved the job and talking to everyone but it was not right for them to let me go

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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like it at the beginning

my day as a Housekeeper at the Quality inn I go in and sign in then the front desk person would hand me my paper the has my rooms on it . I would go up stairs and put my stuff in my locker then start my day stocking my cart then off I go cleaning my rooms that are out. I would go in and strip my beds then pick up any trash on floor and empty my trash cans then clean any furniture that has any mess on it then dust then make my beds then clean out fridges inside and outside of them . then clean bathrooms and then vacuum and start on another room and so on .

Points positifs

breaks when i can and tips

Points négatifs

dont like the negitive from supervisior from head house keeper .
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Could improve

The head housekeeper is not a great person, more you try working with her the more she consists on making your day a reck, but with maintenance i learned was very enjoyable , as for three co workers are fun and past paced, others make you do all the work.

Points positifs

Three co workers. Reasonable breaks

Points négatifs

Lazy slow Co workers, power hungry head housekeeper
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scummy work place with a dragon boss lady

working at the quality inn was the worst job ever. the management team sucks, they are passive agressive, disrespectful and totally spaced out. the hotel is in shambles and youre never good enough for them, despite only paying minimum wage. the turnover is very high, due to managements lack of organization and efficiency and favoritism. the executive housekeeper has moved from many hotels and it makes you wonder why she cant stay at one.

Points positifs

its a job

Points négatifs

scummy, dirty, no set hours, passive agressive, unorganized
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Managing my time

A typical day at work was cleaning guest rooms with high standards.I learned how to manage my time because I would be cleaning a list of about 16 rooms which would need to be cleaned in 8 hours.The hardest part of my job was working on Sundays when teams checked out. The rooms would be messier then any other day of the week.

Points positifs

they worked around my schedule (i was in college too).

Points négatifs

non-senority (me) was given 2-bed rooms furthest away from laundry chute.
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Room Attendant chez Quality Inn and Suites

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15,19 $ par heure

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