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Housekeeper73 avis
Canada73 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive and Fun workplace

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Employees are treated well. I had a great experience working at the hotel. The work environment was fun and highly productive. The team was fantastic, and I enjoyed the teamwork. The only drawback was the uncertainty of work hours which sometimes made it challenging to accomplish certain tasks and weigh the work-life balance. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I appreciate the opportunity I had with the company.
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Mismanaged dumpster fire.

What is the best part of working at the company?No staff room, everyone must pile into a storage closet where the gas heater is kept.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The owner conducts random visits in which she talks down to every employee there. You will be insulted belittled and treated like garbage. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Harsh work environment. No respect from the managerial team. No accountability for poor work environment from the owner. Poor wage.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Start your day by shambling into the storage closet to put your personal belongings"away" If someone calls in, don't worry! You'll get to do all of there rooms and no one else will be called in to fill in for them nor will you get help with the rooms.
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Don’t do it

Just don’t do it, save yourself the hassle and just don’t do it. Anywhere but here. Management is awful and is on a high because he is young. Wants to work you to death and you get no thanks for busting your butt. Extremely short staffed. We each have a ton of rooms a day to do plus they want you to do extra after.
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Always fun

I always made my job fun, always helpful and eager to do above and beyond ! Learned a lot of little tricks to get jobs done in a timely matter as well as made lifelong friends while working there. Any time I go back to visit Woodstock I make sure to book a room there !

Points positifs

House account/discount on stays

Points négatifs

Seniority scheduling
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Decent place, good people but physically exhausting

The location I am at has a great manager and decent supervisors. The crew are decent people too. You work every weekend OR you work a least one day of the weekend. You do not get both Saturday and Sunday off together. You work stat holidays as well. The hourly wage is above minimum and I have health benefits ( I am full time). The job itself is very physically demanding and exhausting. Some days I get off early some days i work right until quitting time. Hours for housekeeping are mostly 8:30am-5, 11-7:30pm. They rarely let you work over time. Most of the time if there are alot of rooms we team up and if there are very little rooms we work alone. Everyone is good at helping people get caught up on their rooms and if you still can't get rooms done they have to be done the next day. Pay is always on time and correct. Do not work in housekeeping if you don't like physically demanding work.

Points positifs

Health benefits, Good managent, free food.

Points négatifs

Physically Exhausting, Work every weekend, can be chaotic.
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Like it’s goodWork is great if you like cleaning rooms Some benefits Nice management Some turnover Love this job can’t say enough about this companyEasy job The culture is a bit toxic but where isn’t
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It's fast pace but fun and great people

I liked working at quality inn great people the manager and supervisors are very great people and the people the did rooms with are fantastic as well had patience in training me
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Terrible management, no appreciation for the good employees, no team work what so ever, lack of leadership, this is not a place you’d want to work at.

Points positifs

There isn’t any

Points négatifs

Poor management
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It was awful to working here

Managers get High in the closets. No support. Staff is aweful and judgmental. Do not work here. They don’t clean the bedding every single time. Every single day was miserable
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New General Manager- Love coming to work

I have worked here for over a year, and they recently brought a new General Manager in, she is coaching us and teaching us new things.It is fun to come to work .

Points positifs

set schedules, good wage
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Toxic Managment, not inclusive or diverse

I enjoyed the housekeeping work itself, however the management rude, and training was very unprofessional towards the end of my time there. Unorganized supply carts/bags on account of not properly trained employees, as well as poorly cleaned rooms due to same reason.

Points positifs

Free breakfast unless owner arrives, then you must pay $4. Ridiculous.
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It had its ups and downs

I did like working there, was definitely a challenge and I like a challenge. I do feel it's underpaid for how hard you have to work at the speed they want you to work. Also, there always seem to be a rivalry between coworkers. I liked it it kept me busy but it was just too much drama for me.

Points positifs

Kept me busy, felt good about myself

Points négatifs

The coworker drama, underpaid an underappreciated
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No professional communication. Constantly getting your shifts canceled. Favoritism. Supervisor is a narcassist. Everyone talks horribly about everyone. Fake. Just a very toxic work environment.
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If you like soap opera this is the place to be!!

At this place, at the beginning they act all friendly and helpful. But it's just a fake image they put on. Absolutely unprofessional and dirty place to work for. If a person care about their mental health, never work at this place, your mental health will get worse.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Dirty place, very dirty.
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Nice Job, But Management is Very Disappointing.

It’s a nice job in a gorgeous hotel, but beware of other housekeepers stealing your tips & speaking poorly of you in a another language and shaming you for taking your breaks. You are not treated equally if you are not Punjabi. Management is completely spineless and doesn’t care.

Points positifs

Nice and clean hotel.

Points négatifs

Stolen tips, rude behaviour.
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It's is not for one people

They have there people and for new ones they make it not so easy I worked my but off here and was let go with knowing why or what happened they just say.its just about your 3 months and we not keeping you not a thank for working there or nothing. Not so nice of people..and I guess I should say they have someone who is helping themselves to people things and money.
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Its good job and i loved the management group. They are very supportive personal and professionaly

Good company friendly atmosphere i worked here as a house keeper i did bedding bath room cleaning sanitising the furniture, and the management provide efficient and regular training and supervision to the employees professionally
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Great place to work

Working at quality inn is good. Team work is number one . You can always count on your peers for help wen needed. Management go above and beyond for you wen needed. am very clean and organized so it made my job easyer and more fun..
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Fun workolace

Great staffGood hours in summersWinter is too slowGreat managementEven get call when they need youWeekdays are boringBut overall great experience

Points négatifs

Tiring weekends
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The hotel is managed by well-educated and efficient staff

The hotel is managed by well-educated and efficient staff. I had a wonderful job experience there than in other places I worked. The management team plays a super organized role under the supervision of the general manager. She does not let any special moment go without celebrating: it makes the workplace fun even in the busy time, the staff enjoys working there. She always brings up something new for the staff to make a difference at work. I worked in the housekeeping department, and the hotel was busy because they always have many guests due to the excellent service they provide. The housekeeping manager was an artful strategist of her profession. She creates a peaceful and friendly environment for the staff.

Points positifs

Discounts for family and friends; snacks and coffee; swimming pool and gym.
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Do not bother working here

They will overwork you with the excuse that it is "part of the union agreement". Front desk staff gets to sit around and chat all day while the housekeepers are made to clean the most disgusting filth. The hours are long and the labour is difficult. Management will not do much to help you and will find excuses to have you do more work as part of the "union contract". To anyone looking to work here: DON'T. They will work you like a dog and treat you as such.

Points positifs

Co-workers (housekeeping staff) were great

Points négatifs

Long days, filthy rooms, poor management, body aches and pains, poor benefits and salary for the amount of work required
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Housekeeper chez Quality Inn and Suites

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16,63 $ par heure

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