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Guest Service Agent12 avis
Canada12 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fast Paced Environment

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While working at this job I have learned so many new skills. It is a positive atmosphere with a team focused approach. At times it can be challenging but I learned a lot about problem solving and skills that can help me in the future.

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Experience and competitive pay

Points négatifs

Shift flexibility
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Fun but busy place!

I worked here for almost 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. The people that I worked with were great to get along with as well as Management. Sometimes the work was hard but that is just the industry.
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A Home away from Home

Being an employee at Quality Inn and Suites was a great feeling for me. I never thought that this is my work place. All the staff members are very nice and helpful.Thankyou Quality Inn and Suites
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This is an ideal place to work at

Between the staff and management, this was my favourite job, we had fun there while working and building a solid team. Management is great and strive to be the best, the amount of awards they have won in the hospitality industry is crazy. And the new ways and ideas of doing daily tasks it’s an ongoing learning path, your always learning. If you want to build a career in hotel management and have a drive for it and show it the managers here will take you under their wing. Show you the ropes teach you everything you need to know. After of course watching your work ethic and abilities for a bit.
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Great hotel

It was a great place to work, The owner was able to teach me a lot about running and managing a hotel. The pay could have been better and the work load was a lot. But i would recommend this as a good job
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Terrible management

This job is soul crushing. Management is just a bunch of people who like to talk poorly about the people working under them. The guest services manager will literally spend a whole shift talking poorly about anyone and everyone (this is the same man who originally wanted to be a social worker but didn’t meet the requirements to become one). He treats new employees like his big dating show, even making comments about how he won’t hire someone he’s matched with on tinder because “that’s old news”. The turn over rate is so high for this job because management continuously hires new people then let’s them go within the probationary period so they won’t have to offer vacation time. I would avoid working here if possible unless you like a sleazy direct manager and a high school atmosphere.
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Fun, enjoyable and productive place to work

Great place to work. I like working with my colleagues and Manager. Its all about diversity and opportunity.Hospitality requires me to work in a multi-cultural environment. Working in a hotel does not mean that internationalism within the establishment stops at your guests; for the people behind the reception, in the kitchen and at the offices come from all corners of the world and they bring along with them their own language, cultural background and ideas on how to efficiently work within the industry. All these people had taught me how to maximize my working capabilities based on their own personal experience within their home-countries; which at the end of the day not only enriched my practical skills - but my knowledge on other countries as well. Able to communicate and work with different people from different backgrounds - as one big team.In conclusion, the hotel industry is a pretty interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. As any other job, it has its ups and downs, and that's the great part of it: there is always place for innovation and there will always be innovators.
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Love working on the Front Desk

I enjoy providing excellent customer service on the phone and in person. The staff and management are all great to work with. The software is user friendly and is fairly reliable. The hardest part is dealing with unreasonable guests who want everything for nothing. However that is on a rear occasion.

Points positifs

Get our meals 1/2 price
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Fun and Productive Workplace

Opportunities to work with various project in the hotel business. Great working environment with amazing staff. Very flexible with schedules and accommodate the personnel.
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Very busy, sometimes stressful, understaffed

If you want a flexible schedule, this is not the place for you, days off are hard to come by. Requested days rarely happen and you'll almost never get a full weekend off. When you do get days off you will be called in, if you pick up the phone and say no, they will write you up for refusing work.

Points positifs

good pay for hotel

Points négatifs

long hours, unfairness
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Amazing place to work!

I gained a great work experience! I learned how to communicate with the clients and deliver excellent costumer service.
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Very productive and friendly workplace.

In summer time every day in Niagara falls was busy, I have learned a lot of things. I became more confident and professional in communication with consumers. Moreover, I had time and opportunity to work on my time management skill and problem solving skill. The most hardest part of the job was making quick decisions, and the most enjoyable part was interacting with the costumers.
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Guest Service Agent chez Quality Inn and Suites

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15,85 $ par heure

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3,1 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Culture d'entreprise

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