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Halifax, NS8 avis

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This place was a good place to work at it was fine and treated their staff great

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The Quality Inn is a great place to stay if you're just looking for a quick stay with a family or friends just to it visit Halifax a little bit the staff there are very nice there's a pool there and it's pretty clean not really any complaints except for the breakfast it's very very cheap.
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If you like soap opera this is the place to be!!

At this place, at the beginning they act all friendly and helpful. But it's just a fake image they put on. Absolutely unprofessional and dirty place to work for. If a person care about their mental health, never work at this place, your mental health will get worse.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Dirty place, very dirty.
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Coworkers are great but the owner is not.

For the most part, I enjoyed my time working at the hotel. Most of my co-workers were fun to work alongside but there were a couple who were frustrating.I was told the owner was a nice guy but he doesn't like when employees make honest mistakes.

Points positifs

Great co-workers and managers.

Points négatifs

Owner is not very forgiving.
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Day was busy. Learned how to manage time according to amount of rooms that needed to be cleaned. Some staff were very sloppy and unorganized. In general most staff were nice.

Points positifs

free coffee

Points négatifs

was unorganized
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there was now management and she was letting people go and i was let go. I loved the job and talking to everyone but it was not right for them to let me go

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nice people to work with

Very busy Hotel in charter season and most of the year, employees are great people to work with. Hotel lacks investment making the job as a maintenance manager almost imposible

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Points négatifs

lack of investment
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scummy work place with a dragon boss lady

working at the quality inn was the worst job ever. the management team sucks, they are passive agressive, disrespectful and totally spaced out. the hotel is in shambles and youre never good enough for them, despite only paying minimum wage. the turnover is very high, due to managements lack of organization and efficiency and favoritism. the executive housekeeper has moved from many hotels and it makes you wonder why she cant stay at one.

Points positifs

its a job

Points négatifs

scummy, dirty, no set hours, passive agressive, unorganized
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Working at the Breakfest Bar has it ups and downs.

A typical day working as a breakfast bar attendant is I wake up early and I go to the Quality Inn Hotel Halifax Airport a bit early even on the days I'm working with my co-worker, Setting the breakfast bar and kitchen, when I'm working alone with cooking the food and making the coffees. I learned all my training for about a week which has been a year ago when I started. The management is great. They helped me out when I have a bit of trouble for instead like I can't answer some questions that the hotel guests asked me. My co-worker is amazing, helpful when I first started and easily to get along with like any other co-worker. The hardest part is when I handle a hotel full of guests by myself but I managed to handle it. The most enjoyable part of my job is able to help people whatever I can which is the big part of being in the guest services job.

Points positifs

People appreciate my hard work.

Points négatifs

Working early mornings.
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