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A gig in the food court might not be your number one choice, but don’t immediately pass on that job opening at the pizza stand! The food court is a great place to learn the mall ecosystem and to gain the experience necessary to do something that suits you better. Many people who work in malls get recruited from one company to another. Remember, if you have limited work experience, demonstrating that you have been punctual, reliable, trustworthy and friendly in the food court speaks much louder to the managers at your favorite shoe store than an application that shows no proof of notable work ethic.
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Wrongful Termination - Barrie

I could go on about a lot of things, but the problem is that on my shift (3-11) we have no other staff. Whether its a full house on the weekend, or ten people on a slow day, I'm the only one there. There is no maintenance or security. I (the front desk associate) am responsible to make sure things run smoothly, and that I respond to as many calls as possible. I have never called off for a shift, and the only time I was late was when the roads were blocked from one of the power lines falling down. They will say they had another associate, but they were only there for contract work, they were not hired by the company and do not work under the Quality Inn name. It doesn't make sense to call on someone who paints and assume they'll be okay as a security guard. I have worked there for months without incident. I have performed multiple evictions from noise complaints and even violence. One night I made the call to have an unregistered guest removed from the property. He was not registered, had no I.D to verify who he was and decided to make it known that he was an ex criminal. With no security, no id and a scenario that screamed 'shady' I made the call to non-emergency to have the two escorted from the property, as I didn't feel comfortable going all the way upstairs to knock on their door. Apparently seeing the police at his door, the guy jumped from the second story window and ran on foot. My manager insisted I provoked the situation and that I was discriminating against someone just because they had a criminal background. He has insurance. This isn't even the worst - 
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Fun yet professional

Working as a front desk receptionist at a hotel has taught how to stay calm under pressure, handle uptight customers, and work well with others. I loved the environment and life-long friends I met.

Points positifs

Same hours every shift

Points négatifs

not enough staff
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Fun workolace

Great staffGood hours in summersWinter is too slowGreat managementEven get call when they need youWeekdays are boringBut overall great experience

Points négatifs

Tiring weekends
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