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La Direction a changé depuis mon départ

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Étant donné que la Direction a changé depuis mon départ, j'ose espérer que les expériences de travail sont maintenant prises en considération

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Le personnel y était super

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Direction pas à l'affût des expériences
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No professional communication. Constantly getting your shifts canceled. Favoritism. Supervisor is a narcassist. Everyone talks horribly about everyone. Fake. Just a very toxic work environment.
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Breakfast hostess

I feel the management should be improved to make a better environment for the workers...I felt unsafe in the kitchen and overworked...kitchen outdated
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Busy hotel, lots of great regular faces

Great company, the hotel is under new management and ownership who are actively making changes and upgrading the way things are done. Looks like there are a lot of great changes and I really enjoyed my time working here.
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Owners are great people, but they expect a lot.

Good place to work so long as you aren’t afraid to work hard :). Banquet set up and breakfast set up are the most difficult part of the job. Teams can be a nightmare to deal with…
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If you like soap opera this is the place to be!!

At this place, at the beginning they act all friendly and helpful. But it's just a fake image they put on. Absolutely unprofessional and dirty place to work for. If a person care about their mental health, never work at this place, your mental health will get worse.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Dirty place, very dirty.
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Fast paced and alot of repetitive tasks

Fast paced and very repetitive, but if you enjoy this kind of work, it is quite satisfying and management will let you know you are doing awesome, it's very hard work and nothing like cleaning your house as most people think, the job takes total dedication, and being picky
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Management are not nice and verbally abusing to all staff. All staff work very hard and are not treated fairly and expected to do more then is required of the job hired for.
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Ignores labour board rules.

Owners think shorting employees is a way to increase profit margin, will not pay your full hours worked. Overtime is not paid but expected. No benefits, expect to do the workload of 3 people and not receive pay for all hours worked. Broken down building covered in bandaids.Steer clear!
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Nice Job, But Management is Very Disappointing.

It’s a nice job in a gorgeous hotel, but beware of other housekeepers stealing your tips & speaking poorly of you in a another language and shaming you for taking your breaks. You are not treated equally if you are not Punjabi. Management is completely spineless and doesn’t care.

Points positifs

Nice and clean hotel.

Points négatifs

Stolen tips, rude behaviour.
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Benefits are deceiving

If you value benefits don't apply here. They collect premiums but don't deliver! Once you are off work sick they cancel your benefits. So you can't get prescriptions etc. coverage. They take your premiums and leave you high and dry!! Negotiate your wage if you decide to work for them because once you're working for them they will deny requests for a raise. On the bright side they can't get staff because of the low rates of pay so if you apply you will get hired. No experience necessary!

Points positifs

Management are nice but have their hands tied

Points négatifs

Be prepared to do high volume. No staff available for holiday relief etc.
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It's is not for one people

They have there people and for new ones they make it not so easy I worked my but off here and was let go with knowing why or what happened they just say.its just about your 3 months and we not keeping you not a thank for working there or nothing. Not so nice of people..and I guess I should say they have someone who is helping themselves to people things and money.
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It's awesome place to work

Our boss is awesome,And all the other people that work there to is awesome,,But a raise would be nice because we do a lot of work for what little we get
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Coworkers are great but the owner is not.

For the most part, I enjoyed my time working at the hotel. Most of my co-workers were fun to work alongside but there were a couple who were frustrating.I was told the owner was a nice guy but he doesn't like when employees make honest mistakes.

Points positifs

Great co-workers and managers.

Points négatifs

Owner is not very forgiving.
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Fun but busy place!

I worked here for almost 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. The people that I worked with were great to get along with as well as Management. Sometimes the work was hard but that is just the industry.
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Like working

The work day is not always fast paced but it is interesting when working nights. You get to meet lots of different and interesting kinds of people. Job can be awarding if you make it so.

Points positifs

Meet some great people

Points négatifs

Have to deal with some strange people sometimes
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It was okay for a while

One manager here works so hard to keep this hotel running. She bends over backwards for this company. Most employees were kind the job gets tiring after a while because they begin to expect too much from one person. The people who stay here can be quite sketchy sometimes.
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Low page, high expectations

They have you clean 16 rooms a day and pay minimum wage. They give you 30 minutes for each room and don't pay you more if it takes longer. The only good thing is that you can work on your own.
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Great place

Really enjoy working here, fun and friendly. The staff and management are great to get along with. No complaints from me . The free gym and swimming pool is a great bonus

Points positifs

Free gym and swimming pool
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Its good job and i loved the management group. They are very supportive personal and professionaly

Good company friendly atmosphere i worked here as a house keeper i did bedding bath room cleaning sanitising the furniture, and the management provide efficient and regular training and supervision to the employees professionally
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No room for advancement and no organization within management.

I worked for the company for almost two years and was truly not compensated fairly for all that was expected from me. I was paid minimum wage for overnight work. I was alone for almost all of the night with no security or protection of any sort. Management is either uninvolved or overinvolved and have expectations higher than the pay grade they give. Achievements were hardly acknowledged. There was no room for advancement, and if you did get promoted and put onto salary, you're expected to put in too many hours and end up making less than minimum wage in the end.

Points positifs

Hotel discounts Restaurant discounts

Points négatifs

Long hours, no protection, no flexibility in scheduling, poor pay, no benefits
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