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Si vous deviez quitter PwC, quelle en serait la raison?

5 réponses

I left PwC because my family's business was slowing down and wanted to be more hands-on until the business picked up again. Honestly, unless your profession is something you would want to change I would say stay with PwC for as long as you can. Your world will always be changing

I left because they kept changing the training and the supervisors and the software and expected everyone to just adjust quietly. Worker Bees have no input as to whom they would be best suited to work with. Some Managers are Rude, uncommunicative, dismissive and critical. Not a warm fuzzy environment.
Too many worker bees who all look the same running around with laptops plugging into their system was disconcerting. not friendly, welcoming nor helpful in any way. One has to dive into the deep end and figure it out oneself. Questions are discouraged. They are short sighted and headed for a downgrade in the business world.

For my home. To look after my baby. In pwc I have a lot of business trip.

Low salary - I am underemployed as compared to what I am qualified for.

Career progression, work life balance.

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