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Retail Sales Associate18 avis
Canada18 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great company to work for!

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I really enjoyed working at Purolator. The staff were so great and encouraging and friendly. My coworkers were beyond great! Very personable and encouraging! They were always willing to help when needed!
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The hardest part about this job

The hardest part of this job is that they throw lots of work at you and expect you to do it all in 4 hours. I learned how to be detail oriented. I liked assisting customers

Points positifs

no manager in the retail section

Points négatifs

paying 70 dollars for your union fee
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Fast paced and cooperative

I was hired a s temporary hire in retail department and my experience was fabulous. Despite being a faced paced environment, I really enjoyed as the coworkers, supervisors were very helpful and kind. They were with you all the time to ensure you are doing well, help you in learning and being there to cope up with you all the time.
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poor management

I never got trained for the position tthat I was hired for. They don't follow what is in your contract agreement but instead they put you in to other department and do something different that has nothing to do with what you have hired and i your job description. it's frustrating
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Reliable company and well organized

Working at Purolator is another level of experience which is really phenomenal. The manager Heather and co-workers are super amazing and helpful. Always when i stress out they told me that take it easy, don't frustrate at workplace just ask us anything we are here for you! Since then i relieved and i ask them everything that i doubt... wonderful workplace!
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Nice people

Recommend as everyone is supportive and helpful. Busy environment so days go by quickly. Management is awesome and easy to communicate with. Co-workers are the best
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Fun workplace, opportunity for advancement and flexibility

Loved working here. The management was very helpful. Working environment also very friendly, coworkers work together to help out. Pay is pretty good and the hours are flexible.
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Work hard and get paid good

Purolator is one of the best companies to work for outside of the government. The customers act a little entitled. but if you can get past that that then its great .
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Management lack basic skills

Management lack basic communication skills. Can never great straight answers. Managers often talk down to there employees and the ones that don’t have just been thrown into the position without training. Expectations for the drivers to retail are unrealistic. Union is a waste of money.

Points positifs

Easy work

Points négatifs

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very physically demanding work environment

Get to work, sign in, start of shift meeting, start shift, load boxes into transport, take our lunch, head back to load up the remainder of the trucks then leave work .

Points positifs

always got my vacation times

Points négatifs

bad hours
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Fun place to work, good employees

Working with various drivers/routes was good to learn about area and operations conduct. Staff was friendly and enjoyable to work with. Many customers are regular and friendly.
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fast paced, busy work enviorment

Fun place to work, fast paced, handle customer complaints, answer phones, email, deliver packages, organize freight, be able to lift up to 70 lb, download scanners
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Best place to work

This was definitely the best place I have worked by far, the people were the greatest. I absolutely miss working there! Kind people! I ve has a few positions there and it was awesome!
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Fun workplace

Management is great, with a number of different locations to move to. Always room to move up in the company when another position becomes available.
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Great Job

Scanned packages daily into their locations, opening store duties. Dealt with daily regular cliental and public. Delivered packages to internal clients, assisted people is filling out paper and online information to send packages around the world. Cashier functions, answered phones, weighted packages, basic household cleaning.

Points positifs

Great group of people to work with.

Points négatifs

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secure place

is so hard to wake up early for work is a nice place to work but is sometime stressful when you are dealing with so much money and people always looking at you and every move you do
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Perfect place to work

One of the best team members and management and fun filled environment to work with

Points positifs

Flexibility, great team members and management, lot to learn.

Points négatifs

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I always learn something new on the job.

My typical day consists of me assisting customers to pick up packages as well as ship packages out. I deal with customer inquires and complaints on a daily basis.

Points positifs

i am often asked to participate in jobs off site.

Points négatifs

i work independantly in the store, at times there can be long hours involved.
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