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Customer Service Representative33 avis
Canada33 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good home based job

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The company offers great training and ongoing support. Logistics/analytics for time on calls is clear and well measured. Great follow up with team leaders to improve time holds etc.

Points positifs

Team leaders are supportive and great training.

Points négatifs

Wait times for IT support can blow call times and upset hateful customers
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A good place to work

This is a great place to work you can work from home, they have flexible hours, the training is really good, people are nice, there is little to no pressure.

Points positifs

work from home, flexible hours

Points négatifs

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Job was fast paced. Some office staff was hard to work with and the managers were not eat to work for. Customers were awesome, drivers were pretty good but the rest of the staff not easy to.be around.

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I liked it

I can’t say much because I was only part time at the desk. But for the most part it was a lovely job. Not overly difficult or stressful. You will get the occasional angry customer though if the delivery people leave the packages somewhere they disagree with.
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Unsecure job

Hire as part time 30hrs, permanent, flex. Then after four months get laid off. Even with a three month review score of 100% . Apparently they do this frequently. One month after lay off they have advertising for same job available. But don't contact or recall anyone who has been laid off, even if you had an excellentreview
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Fast paced workplace but not hard on the employees.

Purolator is relatively calm compared to other call center workplaces, the management is attentive and accommodates a lot for a part-time student like me.
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productive warhouse

not a bad place to work, decent pay for the work you do. management here isn't the best as the majority of them are new people, learned a lot of new things as I'm still here I'm learning new stuff every day. the hardest part of my job would be that there isn't enough staffing so ill be doing most of the work and overtime. the most enjoyable part of the job would be that I get a lot of hours and my co-workers are great people to be around.
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They make you feel like family!!!

When I first started it was nerve wrecking, but the team leads and managers really help and try to help you do well and achieve goals as a team as well as move forward in the company. In my eyes I found my forever family ☺️
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Too many inner politics; bumping of positions within to keep your job going

Not a terribly reliable place to work; seniority dictates your shifts & hours; management not too professional; staff helpful with each other most of the time
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creative team

awesome work environment with dedicated staff's , team goals and striving force in customer care representation , i enjoyed working every single day
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Supportive team

Team lead and other staff are very supportive. Could be stressful at times due to large volume of calls especially dyring the holiday seasons but rest assured that you get all the support you need.
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Low morale workplace where people put in time and mistrust management

Unionized workforce who count down time to retirement while doing as little as possible to collect a paycheque. Demoralizing environment for someone who is a goal-oriented go-getter who wants to help the company
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Was good place 20 years ago

When I worked there, management was good but you had standards that you had to meet. They were open to ideas on how to make things better. Christmas time was very stressful as there was an over abundance of shipping going on. It was a bit unfair at times being English and not bilingual but that may have changed over the years.
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Wasn't for me

Paid good, can be a bit depressive because you basicly work by yourself, training should be longer; especially for french (bilingual) people. If you like to talk a lot but only to customers then this might be for you. I honestly thought it was very lonely.

Points positifs

Great pay

Points négatifs

No 'teamwork' at all
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Dont walk " Run" from this business , Horribly Managed

My time here was short and im so thankful for that . Terrible Management and team leads, im sure there are a couple in there good but I just didn't meet any . Ur schedule will change every week and they will not accommodate any appointments u may have even if it's a month notice . They treat you horrible unless u literally are a serious brown noser and have no opinion and a bk bone to defend ur self , they don't like that..oh well , no one walks all over me . The trainers were very caddy and the Manager shes worse they try to bully . This company does NOT care about their employees and its such a disappointment as I thought Puralator was such a great company and used their services in the past , well never again . Just do urself a favor and don't apply here , there are so many other great contact centers around . Stay away from this one if u like to be a valued employee.

Points positifs

Other employees, they were great .

Points négatifs

Management, poor scheduling, everything
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Poor Management style

Lack of focus....Be emphathetic towards employees...they are the ones contributing to bottom line. Sr mgmt including CEO need to change. Politics and favoritism galore. Treat past employees with respect.

Points positifs

A few Good Men
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Pay is above average, work is routine & monotonous. Office is bland but comfortable. Unionized environment means there's little room for advancement for new employees. Managers seem too comfortable maintaining status quo and resist change.
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people not friendly / former customer services Moncton

My time with purolator was short and I am glad. Manager was unprofessional and had no people skills. I had to beg for coaching which only consisted on listening to the TL take calls . You were never explained what you did wrong or right. No feedback. No floor support , if you had a question you have to call a supervisor and wait on hold until they answered and hoped the customer didn't hang up in the mean time. It didn't matter what kind of skills you had there , it had more to do with if they liked you and you fit into their clicks. I have nothing good to say about this company . They wanted perfection on every call and you are given 30 days to show improvement. What improvement means who knows as you were never given a proper coaching

Points positifs

work hrs

Points négatifs

stuck up employees/ not friendly
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customer service

i have excellent customer service skills . I can speak english hindi and punjabi fluently.I am very quick leaner and very hard working. I am flexible most of the time.
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Awesome Team Environment

I loved working here because of the team environment and interacting with all sorts of different people every day. I definitely learned to work with different kinds of personalities and dispositions. I would happily work here again.
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Customer Services Representative

good place to work, learn how to do a pick up, answer inbound calls, team leaders, supervisors, managers, the hardest part of the job is when customers get angry, management is awesome

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