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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très belle atmosphère au travail

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Le travail était stimulant car chaque appel était différente.

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Les superviseurs étaient toujours respectueux

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Pas de télétravail
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Excellent experience

Having good time with company .management is good cooperative.some time stress full but its part of job .good pay.want do job again in futre if i got chance.

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Shift availability

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Long hours
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Pay was great, management wasn't very good

Loved working there for the first 5 years then the company started going down hill. They don't care about there employees even if you have worked there for a long time. Everyone is replacable.
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Could be so much better

Pros: good pay and benefits, no sellingCons: scheduling is based on "seniority" and when asking for better shifts the answer is vague as to what qualifies an agent for a better schedule. Required to login into unnecessary and inefficient time clock software that operates separately from phone software. You are reprimanded and docked pay if you don't use both. No chance for advancement, jobs are posted internally however some stay up for months on end with no actioning leading me to believe they are false listings. No training opportunities to advance internally.
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Easy just put in the work.

Fast paced, stressfull at times. Gets boring when slow. Room for growth if you plan to dedicate 20+ years for them and get paid maybe $30/hour by then.
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Low-pay and low value to employees

Worked with professional teammates, however,the company itself has high rate of lay-offs and does not value high work performance / dedication / hard-work. The Pay is also very low compared to the market, and they prefer getting internships instead of hiring permanent employees.If you value "Freedom", look elsewhere.
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Great place for advancement if you want a career

Was able to grow within the company. Good steady reliable employment. Once on the road you are your own boss. Supportive management team. Physical work and a faced paced environment.

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requires new technology
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Avoid- company with no compassion

My father in law passed away during the pandemic and my family and I had to travel to make arrangements. I returned to work and received a meeting where the company changed my working hours and were very vocal that they did not approve me traveling during the pandemic to attend a funeral.
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Promotes safe working environment

Unlike most I can really say that the program of modified duties that the company has is appropriate to what it has asked you to do that caused physical discomfort. Nevertheless the employee is responsible for reporting every little thing that can lead to an injury. The company makes plain never to allow something wrong or out of place to remain that way, see a hazard fix the hazard.
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Hard and quick paced work

Friendly management and co-workers,Hard fast pace work! Body feels good for the day when done but if your out of shape you’ll feel it! Early starts but early finishes to so you have the day to do whatever. 5:30 to 9:30 is my shift can’t wait to become a courier!!!

Points positifs

Friendly staff and management very helpful

Points négatifs

Not enough hours for sorter
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Management lacks leadership skills

Due to the fast paced environment, my direct management lacks the leadership skills to empower, guide, and support their employees to lead them to success.
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It’s terrible

It’s too much, they will drag you into the dirt and ask more. If you’re new, don’t depend getting past 3 months. They love laying people off at 88 days.

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Points négatifs

Long hours, management
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Fun and lots of fat burning activities

If you love physical workout join purolator.If you are lazy couch guy stay away.Once you get in It will be difficult later on you will start enjoying it when you are under a good operations manager.Overall this place is very busy and keeps you going, The only part I dont like is Salary.With current inflation I think a company with standards of Purolator should pay a minimum of 30 per hour for their hard working employees.I would love to join this company again if they have a good offer.
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Not sanitary

The place had insects falling off of the ceiling. The staff were nice however there was drama where management is strongly disliked. Overall a good experience but definitely not long term.

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a lot of labour
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it ok do work and then do security stuff but overall a good job and okay at doing the stuff in the job and not expect lots but maybe sometime expect lots from people
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not a fun place

They hire you to get the Christmas rush done and 10 a week and than lay off 10 a week on your 3 month start date so that is on your probation date. Not a good company to work for that does that to people

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Points négatifs

as many as you want
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I will never recomend this place to work. Worst work environment. Working hard is never enough.

Place where they are leader at bulling, harassment and rudeness; poor respect for employees. The company wants to shows off that they care about employees by creating a program for mental health, courses about inclusion. but the managers treats employees like no one. People quit after 3 or 6 months. oh wait!!! company has Union.. a joke Union.. it is another business to take money from employees.. Union and HR work together with the managers. So employees has no place to go. No matter if you work hard, or you are a quiet person,, you still will get bullied, and harassed by others who wants to take some advantage and the managers are ok as long it doesn't affect them,
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Horrible experience

Wasted my life away here for 2 and half years and if I could go back I'd slap myself for ever applying, would never wanna let a friend work here and the managers dont care about you

Points négatifs

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Job security and safety

Little tough for newbies..they give you difficult route which is not route in itself because it is leftover which others wont take and mainly apartments and a small van. Which is difficult while deliveries. More priority to favs
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Fast pace physical work

This is a physical job, fast paced environment, Normally, it takes a couple of weeks to get used to, but once settled, it is a not too bad of a job, training is available for specific tasks like for example, the handling of dangerous goods.Results oriented and time sensitive Good for full time or a part time position

Points positifs

Co workers are great

Points négatifs

Physical work
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Great place to work and grow. Managers are supportive.

The only downfall is they required an experimental medical procedure that I refused to take. Even though it's been proven the ones who did not take this procedure are not a threat to the health of others, they won't change their policy. If a vaccine does not protect against a virus, it is not a vaccine. They lost many good employees because of this desciminatory policy.
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