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Not failing drug screening and pass random urine sample testing when requested*** those two are the top priorities to worry about***
Réponse du 17 juillet 2017
Thank you for your great question!Yes, Purolator does require a completed criminal check and reference check prior to being hired.We use an online confidential and secure process that is easy to use and can be completed within just a few minutes by the candidates.Results normally come back within 2 or 3 business days.We appreciate your interest in Purolator and please take a few minutes to review our open roles!
Réponse de Purolator
19 juillet 2018
Recently interviewed with Purolator . Manager was great in the interview and I appreciated the fact that Purolator does an extensive background check for safety of public and for fellow workers. I was hired on within a couple of weeks.
Réponse du 2 septembre 2017
Good interview nice talking
Réponse du 31 mai 2019
Every two weeks ok
Réponse du 8 mars 2019
What is courier pay progression
Posée le 13 novembre 2018
Average Purolator hourly pay ranges from approximately $21.67 per hour for Courier to $26.40 per hour for Truck Driver. The average Purolator daily wage ranges from approximately $194 per day for Driver to $281 per day for Owner Operator Driver.
Réponse du 13 novembre 2018
How long is the back round check process
Posée le 24 septembre 2018
One day RCMP.
Réponse du 24 septembre 2018
If you like exercise, weekly pay and working outside.
Réponse du 29 mars 2018
It depends what you’re offered
Réponse du 11 janvier 2018
Sunday to thursday night/friday&saturday off
Réponse du 1 novembre 2017
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