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Scam on the name of independent contractor agreement

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Their setup is really a technical scam and they make job seeker sign a paper that they will be PTC independent contractor and they also cannot accept job offer wherever they are placed. Be careful about this legal contract. You will not be entitled to any holiday pay, any benefit and you cannot accept a job offer. Oh, you have to pay hst too due to your contract with them. Being independent contractor comes with some perks like you can choose your own way of work and you do not have to work set number of hours but it is not the case when they find a placement for you. Just read the contractor fully and think hard before signing.

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No holiday pay, No benefit, No EI benefits, Large HST payment to cra
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16 octobre 2017
We are sorry that you are not happy with the idea of working as an independent contractor through PTC. As you noted, there can be advantages to various forms and structures of relationships. To clarify a few points:• Yes, you would be engaged as an Independent Contractor, not as an Employee.• You absolutely can accept a job offer where you are placed. Our contract requires, however, that any offer be negotiated through PTC, as the client would owe us fees.• You are correct, since you are not an employee, you do not receive holiday pay or benefits. On the other hand, as an hourly contractor, you are paid for every hour you work, including extra hours. So you simply need to take all that into account when setting your hourly rate. We can help you with that calculation.• Regarding HST, this is not a cost to you. You will be invoicing PTC for your hours worked, and it is a Canada Revenue Agency requirement that you charge us HST, on top of your hourly rate. We pay that to you, and you remit it to CRA. And as an independent contractor, you may be able to recover HST you have paid on expenses such as home office expenses, providing a financial benefit to you.Your last line is most important – Read the contract carefully and think hard before signing. That is good advice on any contract! PTC’s operating structure has worked successfully for thousands of clients and contractors over 25 years in business. We’d be happy to discuss if it is right for you.If anyone would like to discuss the points above or talk about their job search and the opportunities that PTC Recruiting - 

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3,0Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3,3Salaire / avantages sociaux
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