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Warehouse Worker11 avis
Canada11 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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PHSA is a health sector warehouse. Good place to work but management needs overhauling. Descent salary but should be more for a government job.

Points positifs

Easy work, not heavy.

Points négatifs

Needs more experienced managers.
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Not a great place to be sometimes!

Managers are almost non existent, until they get trouble for continually NOT doing their jobs. Then, they come out of their caves and start threatening the people that actually work. Do nothing to their favourites.
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Worst place to work and get mentally sick

This is not a place to work, better to find a another job with less pay and more mental comfort. The working environment is very toxic and my supervision is P- OS. The clerk () controls everyone and yell on others to pick the order. You feel disrespect and not welcome to work.

Points positifs

Nothing to mentioned

Points négatifs

Some coworkers are very lazy and they fck the dog really hard.
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Toxic Environment

Encourage you to consider any other job at any other health authority as the company is toxic and corrupt. Complete lack of accountability at the leadership level and if you speak up and ask obvious questions you will be terminated and label as a troublemaker.

Points positifs

Lack of accountability for lazy people

Points négatifs

Lack of accountability for hard working and logical individuals
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Very long hours and just a negative environment to work in.

Very long hours and just a negative environment to work in. Some people were really nice to me and some weren't. when I got trained they kept saying if your having trouble or have questions just ask. But when I had questions the people just gave me a funny look saying ugh come on man. They don't allow you to use your phone and it's really crowded in the isles. the training manager seemed like he hated his job and didn't want to be there. Their equipment is very outdated but their really care about everyone's safety which is good. And since it's a government-owned company they are really strict. but on the bright side, the lunchroom is alright and they have a weight room.

Points positifs

Good lunch room

Points négatifs

Very long hours and just a negative environment to work in.
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Réponse officielle de Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

12 février 2021
We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. PHSA takes this feedback to heart, and we certainly are open to hearing more about your experience. If you would be willing to share more information, feel free to contact and a member of our HR team will be in touch with you confidentially. Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. Your feedback helps inform PHSA’s future practices for a positive workplace experience.

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PHSA Hiring Process

Good luck with their broken hiring process, very frustrating and your left confused/frustrated by the process with only excuses and no clear explanation why no follow through with your application process/experience. You get a contact from a talent recruiter and have a basic phone interview and then your told your resume will be forwarded to another recruiting member. After that process good luck getting any further contact from the PHSA and seeing the applicant process go any further unless you lucky enough that some recruiter actually does their job with your application. Even when your told you will hear back from someone from the PHSA within the time frame they said a call or contact will be made, the call or email does not transpire. When you finally do call back your treated to abrupt reply and or another form letter emailed to you and told sorry you resume/application was miss placed or lost in the paper shuffle Guess PHSA hiring staff are too busy, over worked and overwhelmed by whats going on in our part of the world May or may not be a good place to work but I finally gave up on the PHSA and found another position at another employer....note 6 weeks later I was offered a position but declined the position because of their broken hiring process/practices Good luck to all and Stay Safe
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Disorganized chaos,only a job for the desperate!

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have you will start at the very bottom Some of the employees that have been there a few years will try and undermine you. I also found that there were no standard operating procedures so if one person taught you a certain way it wasn’t necessarily the way another person did it this lead to conflict that the”managers” couldn’t or wouldn’t sort out no wonder there’s a high turn over
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Management are monsters

Management treats staff like stupid, picking monkeys. There is no respect given. You are talked about openly, on the warehouse floor, by management. You need tough skin to work here.
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Stay away

I worked front line aND this is a toxic environment. Us against them mentality. HR is old school and union reps are non existant. There is no loyalty within leadership and my afternoon shift was so toxic I prefered my wisdom teeth being pulled. The day trainer was a big brute but the night manager who did training off the corner of his desk was patient, just had to get time with him so I cod get my verbs and leave. opted to get
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Slave labour

They work you like a slave in the warehouse and dont care if you get hurt - which happens to many people. Their workers compensation bill must be huge! Its dangerous and the warehouse is set up so poorly that you're bound to get injured eventually. I injured my back and they refused to hire me back after WCB retraining. Spent 2 years fighting them and eventually lost so now I'm injured, out of work and broke. Management doesnt care because they can always find a replacement since they pay higher than average wages ($20/hour) for this town. Coworkers are overworked and grumpy. Supervisors are generally d.ickheads. Management is a joke. Dont work here!

Points positifs

Free trips to the hospital

Points négatifs

Too many to list
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Productive environment

The hardest part of my job is having the desire to advance by obtaining a full time position but facing the obstacle of seniority for those wishing to obtain the similar role. The most enjoyable part of my job is my co-workers with whom I work with on a daily basis.

Points positifs

In-house training pertaining to current position

Points négatifs

Advancement opportunities based on seniority
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