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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Any experience at PHSA will depend on the agency one is employed with, and the department within that agency. Resources are not always evenly distributed where needed. But the mission is rewarding and most of the people are earnest and collaborative

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great people

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can get stuck without advancement
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You need to jump from role to role

PHSA is a great place to work ONLY if you can live like Tarzan. Jumping from job to job to see a proper salary. Unfortunately you need to make sure you start with a very acceptable salary as the pay raises are basically nothing and don't even think about bonuses. If you do get a promotion, there is only a max of 10% you can receive. This means you will be constantly chasing that fair salary for the work you do. This is why it is so important to get in at a good salary.

Points positifs

.....stability? Respect?

Points négatifs

Everything else, non flexible work environment with IT salaries well below market.
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No leadership

Do not have an opinion as it will cost you your job. Caring in any manner is thought of as a negative, it is challenging to see the waste of taxpayers money when the management will not take the proper steps in cleaning out the dead weight employees. Management do not want the hassle or work that is involved to rectify costly issues such as employee absenteeism, product waste, inventory shortages. All in all it could be a decent place to work but with upper and middle management acting the way they do it makes for a challenging negative work environment.

Points positifs

I wish there were some, the only saving grace is that some of the people are quality people

Points négatifs

Management, Provincial Director, lack of communication, lack of trust from management towards unionized employees
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PHSA is a good healthcare employer to work for. Benefits are really great - 4 weeks paid vacation, 18 sick days/year, really good dental and extended health benefits, Municipal Pension Plan.
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Large organization -- your experience will depend on what group you are with

I enjoyed most the people around me. The size and scale of the organization made it challenging to navigate at times. It takes time to learn who's who in the zoo, especially given all of the various agencies within the PHSA umbrella, and how all the various groups are connected.
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3,3 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
3,2 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/avantages sociaux
2,8 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
2,6 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Direction
2,7 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Culture d'entreprise

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