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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Management makes or breaks the job. Don't do any extra favour because it doesn't matter. Supervisors say they are there to support the team, but are barely around
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Depends on the office

I've worked for this company twice in two different offices and one was great and the other was extremely toxic. the second office had lots of gossip and promotion opportunities only for those who are favorited by upper management. the company itself is great and has comprehensive benefits and learning opportunities. it really depends on the office specifically.

Points positifs

benefits, learning opportunities

Points négatifs

drama, gossip, unfair opportunities, favoritism
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hard to move up because all positions are based on seniority

hard to move up because all positions are based on seniority. my supervisor only got promoted after working there for 10 is okbenifits good
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Dogmatic culture at the top

Decent pay, but should be more based on cost of living and inflation. Lower management in my department is good but upper management is combative and patronizing when it comes to patient and staff safety. There seems to be a dogmatic culture at the top that shockingly involves denial of current science surrounding the pandemic, leading to sick and demoralized staff and a reduction in quality of patient care.
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Horrible Management and Toxic Environment

Minimal direction from supervisor, and too much direction from coworkers. I hear endless versions of how one task should be done. The training is extremely inconsistent. Very gossipy environment, and playing the blame game. Supervisor has no sense of how to lead a team, and barely around at all. If management wasn't so terrible, this wouldn't be such a dreadful company to work for.

Points positifs

Good hours, decent pay

Points négatifs

Toxic workplace, poor management, minimal training
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Réponse officielle de Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

11 février 2021
We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. PHSA takes this feedback to heart, and we certainly are open to hearing more about your experience. If you would be willing to share more information, feel free to contact and a member of our HR team will be in touch with you confidentially. Thank you for taking the time to complete a review. Your feedback helps inform PHSA’s future practices for a positive workplace experience.

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Great place to work!

I enjoyed my time at PHSA. The environment was clean and the equipment was new and work stations were ergonomic and adjustable. Staff were not the friendliest but it was not a toxic or unpleasant work place. My particular Supervisor was friendly, approachable and accommodating. She put a lot of time and energy in to her job and staff and it showed.
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Senority rules

Being employed here was mentally and physically exhausting. When there is a shortage in staff you will be pulled from area to area, desk to desk, department to department. Casual staff aren't usually trained properly, and individuals who are not qualified but have senoirty most often get a job because a person with less senority. After deductions from the union and benefits there is barely anything to take home.

Points positifs

1 hour lunch break

Points négatifs

Repeative, toxic environment
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Hcp clerk

I worked for HCP worst supervisor ever imaginable. I would avoid HCP completely unless you like being completely stressed out !!

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Points négatifs

Supervisor and Stuck up counsellors
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