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Administrative Assistant9 avis
Canada9 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Admin staff are disregarded

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Admin staff hold departments together, have a huge workload and more is always added. Even though you can't keep up, you're expected to. If you are in an excluded position, it's even more so. They kind of have you by the knackers, as the benefits and holidays are excellent. Admin staff really need to be appreciated more. Good staff leave - mostly due to management. It's a shame.
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Fake hierarchy everywhere

My position is relatively very slow and boring but there are so many people (outside my team & most of the time people who I don't even know) that will ask me to do things that are not part of my job description. Perhaps because I'm in my early 20s and everyone else is much older than I am, they feel obligated to boss me around when I shouldn't be doing them. Very toxic. They are very passive-aggressive about it too.

Points négatifs

Very little room to "move up" and the low pay.
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Poor pay

The duties are repetitive and the only thing that will change in the day would be dealing with a crisis that the patient may be having and not being able to really do anything to help them. Management clearly has their 'favorite' employees and treats them in a more favorable and respectful way than they treat employees that they consider 'disposable'. The job descriptions rarely match the qualifications and experience that are needed once you start doing the job and this seems to be a common practice with PHSA so they can keep wages low. One paycheck will not cover your rent so it is advisable to seek a part time position with Island Health so you can make ends meet and feed your family.

Points positifs

Free parking

Points négatifs

Poor pay
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Was ok made a lot of friends. Management was scattered and not much contact unless something was wrong. I would never go back to that department but would go back to PHSA
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One of the Worst Places to Work

The environment of this organization is rife with employee issues, grievances and ABSOLUTELY NO JOB SECURITY. Management is possibly the worst I've ever worked for. Honestly, I had no idea from day to day if I had a job the next day...
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Great Place to Work

-Great place to encourage growth and achievement -Great benefits and culture -Great people to work with -Easily accessible by transit -Great place to work

Points positifs

Growth encouragement

Points négatifs

pay parking
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Requires more life/work balance for all

Although the work was challenging, Workplace culture is that there needs to be more respect for all employees. Although there were courses to take for being a respectful workplace, not everyone follows through.
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Poor leadership, politics, and favouritism plaguing what could have been a great workplace

While I used to enjoy the work I do in my department, unfortunately our recent management has been plagued with favouritism leading to unfair promotions. It has already occurred twice in the last year with the same manager. Offering much higher level jobs to new and inexperienced workers who were very obviously trying to cozy up to management has lead to discouragement, low morale and feelings of hopelessness amongst the rest of the team. Productivity has been lower, and work is being done with less pride. Manager does not show respect to regular employees who work hard, only to those with loud and obnoxious personalities who constantly engage in non-work related conversations, and take credit for other people's work. It's toxic. It has led me to search elsewhere for a job with a more equal work environment. Hopefully other departments are not this unprofessional.

Points positifs

Learning opportunities, benefits, supportive coworkers

Points négatifs

Politics, favouritism, poor management
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5 Stars

I enjoy working here as I learn and face new challenges and new skills that are viable throughout the health organizations. The experience has made me feel more flexible about my skills and brushing up on the skills already acquired. It is a great place to work.

Points positifs

ethics, benefits, friendly

Points négatifs

can be stressful if not very busy, so need to be on all the time.
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