Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
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Si vous deviez quitter Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), quelle en serait la raison?

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There are very limited oppounities for advancement as an administrative professional.

Management treats you terribly.

Politics and class based/ professional titles and positions are given authority and discretion without accountability or ethical justification. This has resulted in me looking for work elsewhere.

No support from direct management, no support for new staff, no one held accountable for their work or lack of

The uncertainty that is coming with the WEST Program to change the vendor management in PHSA, and with CST also acting like children and smashing down everyone in their path, but not having the smarts to build proper ways of working once they are going, is making the days get harder. also there is a culture of join the CST way or be fired, but no one is explaining what that means.

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