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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Princess Auto?

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  • Hold your leaders accountable. Lead not dictate, and stop the power trips. Get rid of certain leaders because they were never meant to be leaders. Organize the store better in terms with tagging, returns and lunch break schedules.

  • Management needs to stop "fixing what isn't broken". Change for the sake of change is stupid and counter-productive. They also need to enforce their rules, and discipline those who break the rules...which includes those in leadership positions.

  • Treat people with respect and work with us rather then against us, as well as actually do some work instead of sitting in the office all day on phone calls then yell at us when stuff doesnt get done on time. but you couldnt because you were busy with customers. i think princess autos head management should go into the dartmouth store undercover and see how things really run rather then come in expected and everyone is on their best behaviour and told to be that was, which is mostly the fake side of peoples behaviours

  • Remove existing manager and his favourite assistant manager and start over with a leader well versed in the company values and committed to delivering those ethics and values to the team. Stop playing favourites. Listen to your team when they bring issues forward. I can assure you that they have already exhausted their solutions by the time they escalate the issue. Currently it is a kill the messenger environment. Underperformers remain while hard workers burn out trying to take up the slack. Good performers are jumping ship because of frustration and stress. I wanted to make it my forever job but it became impossible to see the issues my coworkers and I had going unaddressed with no power to change things. This store does not live up to the values and ethics of what head office claims is their mission. Change is necessary.

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Princess Auto?