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Si vous deviez quitter Princess Auto, quelle en serait la raison?

11 réponses

  • I am looking to leave due to a severe lack of proper management. The upper staff there are willing to bully and abuse their underlings. Reaching out to human resources is a joke. It doesn't matter if you've done you job correctly, there are NEVER any simple thank you's. I do not reccomend working there at all.

  • No accountability by management about anything. Issues get swept under the rug and never fixed. Severe lack of training. I know staff members who have been there for years and have not received the basic training they require to assist customers about the products being sold. Management keeps harping on about "Royal Service", but they don't provide you the training you need to provide that service then proceed to chastise you when you can't assist customers.

  • Not giving time to learn my job properly, not enough training. Also not being rediculed until I picked up everything

  • Managers blame everyone but themselves they need to take a look in the mirror

  • Poor management, customers that take advantage of unclear policies

  • Joining the Armed Forces.

  • Every work place has their ups and downs.. one would hope more ups though! If I was to leave Princess Auto it could be for a couple of reasons... 1.) I would have got a job in my line of work that I went to school for or 2.) I currently work over night.. so if something full time days came up, no weekends and more then what I'm making now with full benefits.. yes I would leave!

    If you always focus on the negative.. things will always be negative!! It's honestly a good place to work! Don't let 1 or 2 people who clearly have had a negative impact stop you from applying!

  • Management because they really don't care about anything but making a sale and customers ALWAYS taking advantage of the 'no sale is final until their satisfied' Moto.

  • Poor Management and employees who believe they own the store that get away with everything.

  • The pay scale, the different rules, the work,

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