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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Princess Auto?

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  • Its garbage

  • Terrible Management Team at the store I worked they played favourites, gossip like children at a schoolyard, make younger workers feel degraded even after a job well done, glance over Majour mistakes made by their favourite employees give write ups for minor mistakes made by the lesser liked employees, essentially treat the ones they don't like as if they aren't people with actual limits

    In essence the work culture and feel of the job to a younger employee is terrible great retirement job but otherwise for the year I worked there I was berated, put down and looked down upon every day I worked.

    I have a friend that has worked their for years and sacrificed tons for that company aswell they treat him like dirt

    Overall as a workplace princess auto has a terrible air about it and head office should step in more but never will

    Sidenote even upon return visits to get what I need ex coworkers are always kind an understanding but ex management team acts as if I am not a human being and they can still stomp on people that no longer work for them

  • The work environment is awful. Worse than high school.

  • If you like: drama, favoritism, inconsistent leadership, and a different set of rules for everyone, this is the place for you.
    If you have the opportunity to work somewhere else, I suggest it

  • Positive and influencial

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  • I just want to clear the air here..

    These other 4 post here are really uncalled for.

    Princess Auto is a great place to work for!! The atmosphere for the most part is great! But like any other place there is going to be stressful times, they generally don't last long though! For the most part we all try to have fun. Working at princess auto is like having a second family..if someone is in need ( answering questions on the floor to serious illnesses) everyone trys their best to help!

    Please don't let the other posts which seem to focus only on 'their' negative interactions stop you from applying at princess auto! It could be the best thing you have done in your work career.. I know it has been mine so far!!

  • Leadership is awful. Every 'leader' has their own set of rules and there is no communication between them. Favorisum is HUGE. Not a place I would want my worst enemy to work

  • The team memebers are awesome and they do lots of fun things together and going into work is enjoyable.
    management plays favoritism and current system knowledge means more then past experience and accomplishmentskills within the company.

  • Anything you read on their site is a lie. Management is poor, certain employees get away with anything due to favouriting from leadership, little to no teamwork. If you have other job opportunities I'd suggest forgetting about this company.

  • The culture is similar to attending high school.

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  1. Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Princess Auto?