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You certainly can. Involving friends and family can help because of familiarity and if you understand the industry you are potentially joining, you need word of mouth referrals. However, while some family of mine are clients, not all are. I decided to focus on other areas of business development and they've worked well. Whatever you decide, understand that this is a word of mouth business and the more people you have providing referrals or contacts, they faster you'll see success. Plus, the financial services industry has been lax on client services and so by involving friends and family, you can potentially save them thousands in premiums and generate better results with investments

Réponse du 12 juin 2020

I am honest and trustworthy?
Credibility with people that know me?

Volunteer work?

Good with people?

Building relationships?

Good leadership skills?

Réponse du 27 octobre 2019

They provide all the training and licensing

Réponse du 31 juillet 2019

Only 3% of all insurance in North America is sold online and usually results in a cancellation of policies resulting in a chargeback of the commission to the agent. It is not a good way to sell insurance as it is very un-personable and cold.

Réponse du 26 juin 2019

It costs $100 to sign your IBA (Independent Business Application) which includes the classroom course and books, plus $28/mth for the Primerica website access. If you pass your LLQP your $100 is reimbursed to you, and if you pass on your first try your test sitting fees are also reimbursed.Honestly they make it really hard to say no, if nothing else the education you get on financials for $100 is worth every penny and then some.

Réponse du 29 mars 2020

Professional Career and atmosphere.

Réponse du 31 août 2019

Learn to teach Yourself Everything in Every angle of Living a Good Life
And Follow the success stories that have come before You

Réponse du 2 juillet 2020
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