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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Preston GM?

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  • 23 janvier 2019

    After confirming your interview, please arrive on time and check in at our reception desk. Please also confirm the location of your interview as most will take place at the dealership (19990 Langley Bypass), but Collision and Customer Care interviews may take place at our Collision Centre (20091 Logan Ave). Please bring any relevant documents or information in regards to your experience, previous employment, and references. Please note that if successful, we also require a criminal background check and driver’s abstract (should the position require a driver's license).

  • Wait for everyone who currently runs the place to get fired, then even consider applying. Everyone who runs the place is running it to the ground, and from an insider perspective, they will literally hire you before they meet you in person, that's how desperate they are to hire people because everyone quits.

  • Wait until they have complete new management. Once they do, then you’ll be able to risk even trying to work there.

  • Have a good attitude. I think this applies for anything in life. If you have a good attitude and are a hard worker you will get very far in life.

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