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Bonne entreprise pour un salaire d'appoint ou retraité aimant voyager de temps en temps.

Points positifs

Liberté de gestion d'horaire

Points négatifs

Peu de contrats dans ma région
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Im no longer impressed

After working for premium for 6 years I was never given a wage increase and asked for my first raise after agreeing to take on a larger workload. I was given 0.50 cents and no paid kilometers. Ill be looking for work elsewhere.
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Very Unorganized and Unreliable

I was told that I would be taking care of one line of products, but ended up taking care of several. The pay is horrible and you get paid by the task completed in the store. There seems to always be a lack of work so you're cheque will vary from pay to pay. There is absolutely no support from managers. If you call with a question, you never hear back from them. Days can be long because they need a project to get done in an unrealistic time frame. And because you're paid piece work, you will have smaller cheques when you have to spend more time in a store.

Points positifs

It was a job when I needed one at the time.

Points négatifs

Bad pay. Unsteady work. Lack of support.
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With the right management it's worth it. Don't expect to get raises or praise from great work. Swag and work materials are provided but training is harder to come by.
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So far so good

Been working for about five months with premium. The work is not too hard and is flexible as you have a time window to finish your tasks. Which is great when you have a family and other activities to do.

Points positifs

Flexible, better than minimum wage at 16$

Points négatifs

Not a lot of hours
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Multi tasking

The management is pretty supportive. The best part about the job is the salary as the company pays handsomely. Product knowledge and presentation skills are vital.
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I enjoyed my time at PRS the only reason for leaving was for full time hours elsewhere. Managers are very helpful when needed and easy to get a hold of. Some jobs are harder than others but still reasonable.
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flexible hours but no guaranteed amount of hours per week

pros: - you make your own schedule, plan your jobs ahead and organize packages - most of the jobs can be done in less than the required time and you still get paid full time - management is very understanding and helpful when it comes to scheduling cons: - no advancements or promotions - no guaranteed amount of work
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Great place to work but lack of benefits and job security is the only reason to move on.

Premium Retail Services offers everything you could ever ask for in terms of a workplace but they just can't offer job security. The pay is fantastic but depending on what position you're working you may not have any benefits. At first I thought the job was too good to be true! Management has been fantastic in my experience. They're really friendly and approachable! I learned a lot about sales, remote work, and technology. If I could work here forever, I would!

Points positifs

good pay, good hours, relatively easy work, good management

Points négatifs

no job security, little paths to advancement within the company
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A place where ambition goes to die

If you are a Merchandiser looking for a new job, pass on Premium Retail Services. Yes they offer a decent wage, and yes they never really check the clock. Downside is there are no raises or promotions. Sort of like the land where time stood still. Where you can work your tail off, and management has no respect for you because you are just Merchandiser, just someone who helps them make sure that things run like clock work no matter how incompetent they are!

Points positifs

You set your own schedule sometimes

Points négatifs

Management that doesn’t listen to you, No advancement in any way, No consistency in where/when/how you get work, Regional manager has WAY too much power over you
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