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Use to be fun but not anymore

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Plasp use to be a fun place to work a few years ago. With several new upper management coming on board, I have experienced changes that have increased my stress level. Not only do they make changes that directly affect staff and by extention our families, they make these changes without even asking us for our opinion or input. Vacation time is one such thing. We are now "forced" to take vacation when they close the centers. Vacation in the summer very expensive, and our lives aren't centered around the times that they have forced us to be off work. Totally unfair to us.I have worked for larger companies that do not do this so I don't understand why we cannot take time off throughout the year. This job is stressful and in between time off is essential for our mental health and sick days aren't always enough to cover mental health days.Additionally, we have no voice. It's a take it or leave it situation which is one reason why the turnover rate is so high now. You can't ignore the people who you rely on to show up daily. I loved worked here in the beginning but no so much anymore. Upper management have no idea what it is like being in the rooms with the kids so I guess they don't feel our pain.Scope for advancement is very difficult too. On the plus side, there are some awesome staff and kids at this company who make going into work worthwhile.
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Some wonderful supportive educators work at this company! I will always remember that.

Overall in the child care and early years sector in Peel region as an educator this is a good place to work. Positive things this job possess:-Job security (although pandemic has impacted that somewhat)-Lots of opportunity for growth organizationally -Wonderful people -Health and dental benefits -Paid sick time, vacation time (if your in child care centres)
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Stressful environment

- It is a very stressful environment. Communication is confusing coming from leaders. Guidelines and protocols from leaders are followed and exercised based on convenience. Nothing consistent. Very frustrating. - You end up working beyond your required hours, putting in a lot of extra work with no extra compensation.- The company boasts about being 'all inclusive' but it's far from the truth.- The annual parent satisfaction survey percentage numbers seem fabricated.- The previous leadership, 2010 and prior, were a lot more human in their approach. Very compassionate and honoured their staff.- What is classified as a non-profit organization is currently being administered like a corporation, only pacifying the likes of outside influences that can provide financial provisions.- The turnover rate and instability on the front line is very high.Be forewarned: when you think you will have a steady position at a specific location, you will be pulled to various locations in a moment's notice and you cannot decline. It creates a very unsettled feeling because you never know what is coming your way. - Area managers are great but very stressed because executives put undo pressures on them. Executive leadership should be changed and replaced with more compassionate and kind personnel, especially being an organization that is non-profit and works with kids.- The company has an authoritarian type leadership. If you do not comply with their demands, you are dispensable. Very sad for a non-profit organization. Very inhumane.- Current COVID note: the organization made accommodation - 

Points positifs

It's great working with students and kids, working with front line co-workers, and the area managers.

Points négatifs

Executive leadership.
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Benefits are good, but to compensate the management issues.

Some staff are very passionate and the employees are some very hard working but overall at times it can be overwhelming. Not such a great experience with HR or area management. Hard to rely on superior staff as they may help you only on admin issues not interpersonal issues.You may get trained by staff that was not sure on how or what to do specifically. Admin staff is quite professional. Some can make mistakes or forget to do from management. You got to keep in contact with them as they rely on managers to send reports. Hard to work and handle issues. Unprofessional, not teamwork, work environment sometimes very disruptive. Personal life in between too much expected and too much pressure.

Points positifs

Free gifts coffee cards Benefits were good, but to compensate the management issues. Professional Trainings.

Points négatifs

Long hours, long meetings, time management
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Management does not understand ratio requirement when they don’t send enough relief staff or say I they have no relief staff available

Job advancement doesn’t exist unless you been in the company for a very long time .Head office does not provide the support that field staff require.

Points négatifs

Too many to mention
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Exceptional child care services, wonderful, well trained staff.

Fantastic leadership, compassionate staff, great benefits, rate of pay and RRSP matching. Exceptional training and mentoring. The before, after school and PA Day programs are exceptional.

Points positifs

Great rate of pay, benefits and RRSP matching

Points négatifs

Not enough paid sick days
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Great to start with

Worked with PLASP for many years. Learned a lot, made a lot of good connections. Management does not support you. Some staff not fit for their job. Pay is great, can't beat it. Hours are good for starting off, unless you work all camps year round it is not sustainable for young person.

Points positifs

Pay, hours, flexible, ability to move around

Points négatifs

Lack of support, school staff restrict us, staff not prepared for duties
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Friendly environment

We are recognized by most of parents. Some make us feel proud. Some take out their stress on us. School staff sometimes make us feel unwanted. We have a great team work. We trust each other
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Good experience working in schools

Overall not a bad place to work if you are trying to gain experience or wish to do a directors position and do not need a job with a ton of hours, however if you need a steady income it is not reliable or enough pay to get by. PROS the kids are great, when trying to build relationships with children for future work experience, good experience for working in childcare (ECE, CYW etc) , benefits/discounts ,management is nice when requiring support Cons- pay sucks, dress code makes no sense, it is sexist and leaves you little to no room on options to dress, locations are moved last minute, waste of gas driving back and forth to locations, hours are horrible, job sucks if you need consistent income, management is unreliable when telling you when you’re moving locations

Points positifs

Kids are great

Points négatifs

Pay sucks
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Fun and pleasant volunteering experience

Depends on the children at your location, but mine were very fun and well-behaved for the most part. The teacher was very friendly to me and introduced the job very smoothly. It was volunteer work so there was no salary but it is an experience you can brag about and it does come with benefits if you volunteer there long enough.
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Very productive and fast-paced environment!

I spent all day in a class alongside an ECE. THe administration were extremely helpful and worked with you, rather than against you. They helped you strategize on ways to ensure the enjoyment and success of the children.
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Nice place to work

Good place to work for learning experiences. If you are a recent graduate or just looking to experience working with children in a before and after school program this will be great for you. Hours are flexible as you can work just mornings or afternoons or both and they try to place you in schools close to your home so less driving.
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Fun workplace

Competetive, and fun. We learned how to work together in a relaxed environment. Hardest part of the job was to try and put all our ideas together on the table.
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Fun to Work with Kids

It is fun to work with the group of kids that you normally get, however the upper management really does not work with you as a front line staff. They have made it to much like a school as apposed to a fun after school program.
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Relaxed and overall a pleasant experience.

A day volunteering opened with a relaxing experience in the dining hall, then work would begin right away. Which wasn't stressful but required effort and attention to detail. I learned how to be more precious while managing my time accordingly. Overal a pleasant experience.
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Good organization with benefits

Good organization providing comfortable environment to work. Especially, people who are interested to work part time. Opportunities available for professional development. Every year there's social gatherings opportunity for all staff to meet and socialize with leadership management. The only concern is that there should be increments on yearly basis for all staff.
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Great place to work. Friendly staff. Lots of opportunity to increase and work your way up. I encourage anyone to apply. Big responsibility to care for children, but it's a great job to have. Great for young moms with children.
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Very Relaxed

My area managers are extremely helpful and caring. They continuously try to help where they can. More hours would be beneficial, but overall it is a job that I enjoy going to.
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Good place to work

Pros: -Pay is good for part time -Management is supportive -Fun environment Cons: -Pay is not enough to support cost of living -Lack of staff
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Best place to work and learn

Great training, excellent workshops, cooperative management, develop leadership skills, The sky s the limit-- helps employees to move to high position.
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Great Company

I started working With PLASP since 2017 till now I am working. It's an amazing company, there are always lots of room to grow in the company.Amazing company.
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