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Si vous deviez quitter PLASP Child Care Services, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • Lack of support from management, the high stress level that comes with the job and the inflexible vacation times.

  • Micro managing Directors
    Not enough hours

    Training and meetings that are unpaid

  • I would only leave if I were offered a job that would offer me 8 straight hours of pay. Split shifts are tiring although the work is fun

  • Not enough support in terms of special needs, it takes a long time and commitment to sending in consistent e-mails to get someone to come out and obvserve the program to see if you require support then to actually get support. It's understandable considering there are only about 100-150 support staff in the company and like500 schools or whatever, but it's difficult when you have multiple behaviours and special needs with no extra staff. Also, unless you don't care much, you end up working more hours than you are paid for due to strict hours and the amount of paper work (if you are an Assistant Director or Program Director in a Before and After School Program)

  • Time management

  • Time management

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  • Si vous deviez quitter PLASP Child Care Services, quelle en serait la raison?