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How you can deal with challenge behaviour

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  • Child directed activities, plenty of activity options, team work and manager support

  • If one of the children is having issues in terms of their behaviour, the staff is usually the one to take care of that. But there have been times where if i see something happening, I decide to step in because i feel like i can probably handle the situation. The first thing to ask is "what happened?", and work your way from there. Nothing will come from screaming at the kid who is already frustrated because i=he/she will just continue to feel attacked. If you talk to them in a calm manner, they will most likely do that too. At the end of the solution, the vollunteer should always tell the staff of what happened.

  • Listen to their unspoken words through body language, and attitude. Where is this all coming from? Having an understanding of their family dynamics and cultural influence is very very important toward progress. I told a young boy I love him, in his dialect, and that got him to cooperate instantly. Why? Because I understood that he had to leave his mom in his home country, where he is now living with a step-mother and father in a new country he knows nothing about- and maybe he simply doesn’t get told that often enough.

  • Be very very patient

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