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Lack of support from management, the high stress level that comes with the job and the inflexible vacation times.
Réponse du 26 juillet 2018
How to encourage children with small or large group time
Réponse du 20 octobre 2017
Location hours are set. Hours could be flexible as a relief staff.
Réponse du 21 octobre 2018
Child directed activities, plenty of activity options, team work and manager support
Réponse du 11 février 2018
Give us an example when you had conflict at work with someone
Réponse du 11 février 2018
It can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. It all depends on when they can get back to you. They do a phone interview, then an in person interview, then you need to have your sign on appointment which is generally done with a group of new hires all at once.
Réponse du 4 décembre 2017
Just be yourself, its not difficult to get into if you are qualified for the position. We are always looking to hire as our company is growing.
Réponse du 20 octobre 2017
Great benefits, pay and flexible hours / able to move around in company
Réponse du 12 octobre 2019
A very inviting, welcoming, warm place full of love, kindness and support. Volunteering with PLASP gives you lots of experience and insight on taking care of children and help you fall in love with them even more than ever. Try it if you like, and if you don't, then say goodbye later, but you should give it try. There's a slim chance you wont fall in love with the programs.
Réponse du 9 octobre 2019
Job placements at head officeInternships at head offPaid more for the hours you do
Réponse du 16 décembre 2018
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