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    moins de 10
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    moins de 1 million de dollars (USD)
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Directeur de succursale (Montréal, QC)
le 31 mai 2017
bonne compagnie pour commencer sur le marche du travail ou en tant qu'étudiant
bonne compagnie pour commencer sur le marche du travail ou en tant qu'étudiant
Représentant aux ventes - Kiosque Complexe Desjardins (Montréal, QC)
le 24 janvier 2020
Fun Coworker But Micro-Management
They don't have great commissions at all (1.50$ per activation) but they still put you pressure to sell like if they not listening to you !!! The Supervisors often said sexist and Offensive Comments about the minority (But they still hired them) My place was special, because Complexe Desjardins was at the intersection of the Underground Network Under the Place-Des-Arts and the Quartier Des Spectacles (So same if it's a mall, we were in the middle of an alley that people primarily used to travel, not to buy) and Immigration Canada. So we got people who ask Travel information more than people who come to buy or get info about our products, we also got a lot of Vulnerable people around here (People on drugs, Homeless people, Refugees but in complete Panic. The security said that they evict around 40 people per day who cause big trouble and of that number, they are a few homeless person who have perverse behaviors in public, yeah really), who are just hard to deal with because they're aggressive but they are not client on top of that. We got no Moral or Psychologic support from our Supervisor who denied the situation completely. They don't pay you for closing the store (If the store closed at 9 pm, your pay stop right here same if you still here for 30 minutes). Sometimes they pay if you send them an email but it's still completely illegal according to work law. And same if you are two during the day, you're alone for closing and count the money so that adds up to the delay for closing the store that you're not paid for 95% of the time. Oh yeah, they don't respect you, but sometimes they are kind to you, if they got no leverage to got what they want !!!
Branch Director (Ville St Laurent, QC)
le 25 janvier 2017
For those who like technology
Amazing for those who love and fallow technology. Goals are achievable. And atmosphere is energetic and fun. The people are amazing to work with and a sense of family is quickly develop.
Director Telecom (Montreal)
le 2 octobre 2014
great company
good leadership strong management, strong product knowledege and financial success
Directrice des comptes corporatifs (Québec, QC)
le 10 décembre 2013
productive and pleasant environment to work in.
Believe it or not the most enjoyable time for me at work is that 9am coffee when I open my computer and plan my day! A typical day at work for me starts off like that, with a base that's planned for me to proceed my day with a goal in mind! My co-workers are very important for me as they set the environment in the office and we feed off each others energy. Management is key to a company's structure, I believe the struggle and downfall of a company is because of poor management. I'm a very responsible and dedicated individual and I am also great at motivation, I think with a little push everything is possible!

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