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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Planet Fitness pour améliorer l'entreprise?

6 réponses

Wage increase for the work load or hire for custodian position.
Hire more than one tech guy or renew subscription with lifetime so equipment isnt out of order for weeks on end.

Hire reliable staff not people who just want a free membership.

Larger locations, need a space for staff break room that isn’t shared with all the electric panels and wires.

More thought and proof reading over company policies, staff are often left in the dark because things aren’t clear.

Stick to the probation period rule. If a staff member just isn’t cut out for the position. Let them go and don’t make excuses on why they need another chance to Prove how bad they can get

- a more organized system for tracking IT tickets.
- balanced schedule for GM

- better pay for AGM

- option to switch out unused equipment , for equipment that would be used

- storage space

- an office for the GM/AGM

- a comfortable place for the team to be sure n break

- thought out company policies and less grey areas

Please realise - if there's a high turnover in staff - to the point that members notice - INVESTIGATE. There just might be an issue with management.

Allow memebers to contact the ceo to address management issues

Figure out what’s up with the management.

Wage hike
More people working

Less cleanin

Hire professional attitude not just any idiot walking on the road.

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