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How is it to work there? The atmosphere management etc

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Working at planet fitness there is quite a bit of pressure to ensure that the gym is held to cleanliness standards and the number of black card stats is held high. The manager assigns cleaning to all the employees to be done by certain times and if not done by that time it may be punishable. However the manager doesn’t clean, when the manager cleans it is when the review from upper management is to be done. Why? So that they may receive their full bonus. There’s no empathy towards the employees, if your sick you have to find a cover from a fellow employee and if you can’t its your problem not managements. The amount of stress and pressure that is put on you to ensure that the gym is clean and the stats remain good is terrible. They neglect their employees as though they are just a number. Yet the employees are the ones that are interacting with their current and potential member as well ensuring the gym upholds it’s standards.

Réponse du - Member Service Rep (Former Employee) - Burlington, ON

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Its fun, but the location I was at was very cliquey.. If you didn't fit in their group, they tended to exclude you and not make you feel very welcome..
I was the overnight shift so thankfully i had a good group of people, but we were always left with alot to clean as the day shift staff always left it for us to do..

Réponse du - Front Desk Agent(overnight) (Former Employee) - Abbotsford, BC

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Enjoyable, great team focus

Réponse du - Janitor (Current Employee) - Ottawa, ON

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