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Working hours

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  • Not many unless you are friends with the managers

  • 7AM-2PM Monday thru Sunday
    Weekends, Holidays and Eveningfs

  • Friday's from 6 p.m- midnight
    Saturday 4p.m - midnight

    Sunday 4 p.m - 9p.m

    Please note I can only work the above days bi weekly as I have custodity of my son other weekends.

  • Usually evenings, 4 hour shifts whenever I can get a shift. Occasionally I'll work a day shift that's 7 hours.

  • Anywhere between 5 and 9 hours. Half hour break for anything over 5 hours.

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  • Rotation of schedules and working hours is based on regular hours if you are a part timer of a full-time. If something came up and you need to stay and as long as you want to stay then you can stay to work and help your co worker

  • Monday - Friday

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