Pizza Hut
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What is the company culture at Pizza Hut?

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Very good culture.I like it

A great job

Again managers continue to make the same mistake. Cohesion,team work . They are not there to start a war or make friends. We are all there for one thing. A Pay Cheque. And a willingness to return the next day with a skip in your step.

Favourtism all over the place, if u end up working for FMI inc than u r in for a roller coaster ride. Where u will experience that youre being bullied for no reason by the director of operations

It has diverse culture and professional workplace.

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The management was great at this location which probably made my job much more enjoyable.. we got all sorts of awards while I worked there we had a really good crew working together.

Believes in Unity

Its a culture of Makin it great



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