Pizza Hut
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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Pizza Hut?

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I will make suse that my costomers are well treated and secondlh respect my employees oppinions

Make sure the new employees receive the necessary training

Allow for more people /shift at Delco locations
Aid general managers in gathering a better candidate pool, improving hiring practices

Put money into finding this candidate pool

Give proven workers higher wages in order to retain their employment

Hire more upper management to alleviate stress; this in turn will begin to turn around the toxic culture this stress has caused this franchise

Something has to be done because this is unacceptable

Change the owner and give employees more hours

I would have made sure all my staff felt comfortable and were happy.

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I would hire a better clean crew as well as staff. i would make sure that my staff felt safe and enjoyed their time at work.

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