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PINTY'S DELICIOUS FOODS : carrières et emplois

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  • Taille de l'entreprise
    201 à 500
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    25 $ à 100 $ millions (CAD)
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Maintenance Millwright in Paris, ON
le 8 mai 2021
Busy place
There is always something to do here...and always work to be done on non production days. Be ready to work 7 days a week when called upon...but not forced.You will likely have to work 6 days a week most times during the year. Lines that run have issues consistently, which will have you dressing to get to the floor many times during the shift.I enjoyed working here, and enjoyed some of the regular employees. Do your job and you'll be good. Don't apply if you're lazy...they need workers.I worked my butt off and made just under $100000 in a year.Benefits are not the best but as like most employers benefits are not favorable.Keep your nose to the grind and avoid the politics.Cheers Pinty’s
Machine Operator in Paris, ON
le 7 mai 2021
Great people to work with but serious discrepancy between skilled and non-skilled workers as far as skills/wages are concerned.
Huge amounts of waste. This could easily be prevented with proper waste prevention procedures (non-existent). Many non-skilled employees promoted with absolutely no supervisory (and/or education) experience. This is certainly indicative of favoritism. No internal posting of job opportunities.
Line Worker in Paris, ON
le 1 décembre 2020
Terrible place to WORK!!
This was one of the worse places to work, STAY AWAY from this place. The management sucks and doesn’t care at all what’s goes on, they tell you to be clean and wash your hands! When everyone is touching there faces and then touching the product. When something falls on the floor we just pick it right up and put it back in the bin to be packed and sent down the line. No one here cares or will help you! Do not WORK here! And as a temp! YOU ARE expendable and will be replaced very fast!
Production Line Worker/Backup Trainer in Port Colborne, ON
le 14 octobre 2020
Management has no idea what their doing and they don't care about their employees.
Don't waste your time. I have worked here for over a year and a half as full time. If you need money and are desperate, this place is perfect but do not stay. It is full of grumpy old people, perverted men and management that has no idea what their doing alot of the time. Machines always break down, including the x-ray machine on de-boning because the machine isn't even built for all of the product that goes through. They don't care though and will only blame the employees for bones getting through the meat even though the machine isn't even built for it. Very low work ethic, the company will throw a pizza party ONCE a year because the union forces them to. The place also smells poor and moldy and has cockroach problems in the lockers. Also say goodbye to your personal life balance because you're only going home when they're ALL done production which is a different time every single day and can go as long as 12 hours if there are break downs. The money isn't worth the fact that your personal life will be gone, you will be used and abused,(the newer you are, the more the company abuses you and always keeps you late) you will be getting carpal tunnel regardless due to repetiveness with hand movement, and you will be treated poorly like a slave.The place is freezing obviously, you have to wear a mask while hanging chickens, (hours on end that is alot of hard work at first) have fun getting chicken juice in your eyes, and have fun asking to go to the bathroom like a little child whenever you have to go, because you will be punished greatly if not. It would be understandable getting someone to take your place if your busy. But even if you have free time for half an hour, god forbid you don't ask to use the bathroom and one of the leadhands will scream at you like you're stupid.I wish I didn't have this much negativity but it's all true unfortunately, don't make a mistake like I did.
salary in Paris, ON
le 3 juin 2020
Company went downhill after buy out
Company was making many improvements, management was growing and building a great team mentality. After it was bought out from another large company that all fell apart. Too much overtime, poor training, good managers being let go, everything became about money and numbers
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