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Pinewood Motor Inn : carrières et emplois

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    Hôtellerie et hébergement
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Housekeeper (Espanola, ON)
le 16 juillet 2021
Do not work here unless you’re interested in petty drama and rumours being spread about you. Being accused of things you did and didn’t do, people are not willing to work as a team, all they do is backstab and make your job harder than it should be. If you suffer from migraines do not work here as he doesn’t understand how they work
Maid (Espanola, ON)
le 15 juillet 2021
Bad time here
Never work at this place you will have the worst time of your life, management is horrible and will make you feel terrible after every work day,Working at any other job is way smarter, please anyone who reads this don't work here. Everything said on this review is true and should be trusted.
Chamber Maid (Espanola, ON)
le 5 février 2020
petty staff uninterested in productive teamwork and more interested in personal disputes. Really Moody enviroment Unfriendly unprofessional management
Chamber Maid (Espanola, ON)
le 26 janvier 2020
Would never recommend working here
Worst job I have ever had. The owner and old time staff are rude and disrespectful, always making you seem useless and spreading rumours. The hours are bad some days working 2 hours some days 8+ because of the bad scheduling and work ethic. The cleaning products barely work and no day is ever the same. You will always have to pick up after others and deal with people making your work harder than i...
Server and Bartender (Espanola, ON)
le 2 novembre 2017
Worst place I ever worked. Awful, hateful, angry employer. Treats his employees terribly and disrespects them. I wouldn’t not recommend working here in any area.

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