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  • PDG
    J.K. Symancyk
  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    plus de 10 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    5 $ à 10 $ milliards (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Vente au détail et en gros
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Cashier/Sales Associate in North Town, AB
le 17 février 2021
Great Job for Students or Animal Lovers
Fellow employees are very welcoming and helpful to new employees which is great since teamwork is essential in this environment. If you get a good manager the job is very enjoyable. Lots of tasks to be completed daily or weekly which makes shifts go by fast! Tasks are well explained in pet care operation plans or by fellow teammates. Perfect job for anyone who has prior knowledge of animal nutrition and care. I would recommend reading up on research papers or taking an animal health course if you don’t know anything about pets already. The company does not provide in depth training that gives employees the skills to answer a lot of pet parents questions.
Customer Service Associate in Edmonton, AB
le 17 mars 2021
Great experience
I worked at PetSmart part time for 2-3 years. The environment was great and management was accommodating when requiring time off. Customers were generally pleasant.
Bather in Fredericton, NB
le 7 mars 2021
Bad experience
I would not advise anyone to work here or bring their pets to this location. I worked in the grooming salon for a short period of time and it was not a pleasant experience what so ever! I wish I had not experienced or witnessed what I have. The staff and management are very condescending towards other employees and do not offer proper training. Without receiving the proper training Pet Smart employees tend be very careless and unprofessional towards animals in their care which causes dangerous and unpleasant situation's that innocent animals should never need to experience. Pet smart staff should be aware of how to care for pets properly by knowing how to preform tasks such as; being aware of stress signals the animal may show and to discontinue the service if they show any of the signs, clipping a dog/cats nails without making them bleed, ensuring they have water in their cages or making sure they do not fall off the grooming table while being attached to a noose, handling animals properly, being aware that you are not supposed to yell at an animal... sadly the list goes on of duties that Pet Smart groomers are unable to preform. Not only do they treat the animals poorly but also the staff.
Cashier/Pet care Associate in Vancouver, BC
le 14 février 2021
Love my job.
I love working here. Wonderful group of people I work with. The management is always accommodating when it comes to my home life/appointments and other things that require my attention. Each person works together to make our jobs as smooth as possible. Excellent communication between Managers and Associates. We all work hard to ensure our animals are healthy and safe. If any one of us feel that we cannot sell to a person for any reason our management always backs our decision to do so because we are looking for the best interest of our little friends. Thanks for making this an amazing experience!!!
Pet Care Specialist in Toronto, ON
le 9 février 2021
Animal abuse, unfair treatment from managers
Do not work here unless you're comfortable watching animals suffer in bad living conditions and be sold to people who don't know how and aren't willing to learn how to care for them. Always pressured to make the sale, even though we were allowed to refuse a sale for safety reasons other employees or management would go ahead and make the sale anyways. I saw many animals die, from cats to reptiles to birds to fish to small animals. Management does not care about the animals, they only care about sales. They will also make you do hard labour every shift but pay you the same amount as the person who stands at the cash register.
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Publié le 5 juin 2019

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Publié le 9 février 2018
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