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Manager9 avis
Canada9 avis

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3.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
2.4Salaire et avantages

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Lots of fun till they tell you to leave your morals at the door

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Former employee. Long time employee however. 12+ years with them. Great company to work for when we were in Calgary. But the Edmonton side of things is really different. Was going ok until the Store Manager told me to start telling everyone that everything is an amazing product, send fish home to anyone who wants one because who cares, its just a fish. I feel that in a job industry like this, morals and ethics are very important. Needless to say, I left and have stated boycotting the company ever since. Head office was about the worst idea ever for them. They are very out of touch with what is really happening in a store. The economy hit apparently hit them hard because when it was crunch time it became very clear that it was all about the bottom line in head offices pocket instead of how they can better help their employees. Your best, will never be good enough. It will be for a time, maybe. But one day that will all change and your best isn't their best anymore and *Poof* your fired. Never accept a promotion to a department manager. Not only is it about as high a turn over as their entry level Pet Councillors position, the raise in pay is almost non existent. Or completely non existent in my case. Best part of the job is the animals and the customers. Yes the animals need seemingly constant upkeep which will keep you very busy. But... you get to make sure you find the right people to take home your animals. A great part-time job. Beware the management system. Pros: Lots of cute things to cheer you up. Cons: Management, pay, benefits, unpaid training, - 
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Worst Job

Petland does no in-store training. They expect you to do all your training in our free time, with no pay. There is no work-home balance. The management there sucks, and their attitude towards there employees is belligerent. Morale, there is at an all-time low; in fact, the worst I've ever seen, which explains the high turnover. No one wants to be there. Within my first week, I understand why.
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Terrible experience

Was with the company for over 2 years. If you want a job that focuses on profit and neglected animal care this is the job for you. If you want to be treated like you don’t matter with no wage increase beyond a few cents with little room to move up in the company well again this is the job for you. Do you like being called on your days off or told you have to fill out Petland University corses on your spare job as it’s manditory well you guess it this is up your ally kid the company doesn’t value employees, animals it is a dead end job with strict rules and sales goals for minimum or slightly above minimum wage high stress with lack or care I would stay away.

Points positifs

It’s at least a job

Points négatifs

Demanding, stressful, verbally abusive, and there is a lack of care of staff or animals
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Stress, Poor Management, and Highschool Cliques

Some Petlands have an amazing organizational culture. They thrive on the ability to keep employees and have happy smiling staff. Some petlands are worse than others, where you fight for any wage increase, and the team can be cattier than the animals you care for. Benefits take about six months after the three months to have kick in, and forget about training anywhere inspiring. You’ll do courses on the tip sheets in a Petland location. This is a great entry level job, and utilize this as a stepping stone to greater and bigger.

Points positifs

Wonderful animals to care for

Points négatifs

Poor management, mentally-absent store managers
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