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Deli Clerk in Halifax, NS
le 14 novembre 2020
You could probably find a better place to work
I worked at Pete's for a while, it wasn't a terrible place to work but the management is truly horrible and the turnover is ridiculously high. No one wants to stay because you can get paid the same for way easier work. Mice are EVERYWHERE.
Deli Clerk in Bedford, NS
le 27 octobre 2020
Please, find a different job.
Pete’s was horrible. I worked the Deli, I had no previous food handling and when I showed up for my “training” I was thrown in and was barley taught anything. They had NO safety training with the meat cutter or food handling or anything like that. The co workers there were okay, not the best, but the management was a complete disaster. They were rude and made you feel horrible every shift, also playing favourites with the older co workers there. The customers also weren’t the most friendly. Management didn’t really care about your well being at all, they just wanted your work to be done. The wage is really bad as well. There was black mold growing on things, there were mice everywhere and would get into the food which also led to mouse droppings all over the floor. Every week there is someone new getting hired because they can’t keep people. Also, when we had to bring out the trash we had to step on this metal piece that would wobble which could lead to you falling a couple feet to the ground.
Line Cook/Prep Cook in Bedford, NS
le 2 septembre 2020
Decide for yourself
Pete's cancelled my health insurance, without letting me know, months before I was to leave the company. Upon looking into this, they stated that there was no reason for their error. As I had a dentist appointment coming up, they said they would try to get it back from that date onward. After I left the company and was moving away for school, my final paycheque indicated that I was charged for the months I had no coverage during, along with the time we agreed to have my health insurance reinstated for. Overall, I paid more in health insurance fees than I got back with the health insurance. They were quick to remove access to my email to eliminate access I had to the emails regarding this matter. This really sucked while I was moving as I had no money at the time and this just put me further in the hole; that was my food money for the next month.Line level workers are usually a good bunch to work with. Would recommend this as a student job to get some cash for school!I was asked by the store manager to spy on another employee to see if they were being negative in the workplace. I assume for termination reasons.
Clerk in Dartmouth, NS
le 4 mars 2020
Bad Managment and not good for mental health
They have problems in thier workplace, and no appreciation for your hard-working. Only advice for you is that you don't work here. Only advantage is that it is a job.
Produce Clerk in Halifax, NS
le 12 février 2020
Worst Job I’ve Ever Had
Honestly the actual work isn’t too awful. Most of the people there are quite kind and treat you like family! But the management is awful and inconsiderate. Not to mention the wrongful termination lawsuit I filed (and won) against them... so... that was fun.
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