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Retail Sales Associate20 avis
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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It was okay

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Not sure abt the pay, but the location I worked at was pretty chill except for delivery day. There'd be long hours where no one enters the store, then suddenly 3 or 4 people suddenly require your attention and that could get overwhelming. I usually had one other co-worker and we try to keep at least 2 employees in store so that's helpful. Pet care was hardly taught except for the food brands and to encourage selling pet value brands over the others. Manager would come in on some days and add more responsibilities as soon as it seems like there's nothing else to do.But can't complain too much. As a first job, it was alright. Probably depends on the location and the manager.
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Excellent team, fun work

I really enjoyed my time at this company. The workload was relaxed and the team was very supportive of each other. It's also a fun workplace when you get to talk about pets all day.
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Some good coworkers, horrible management.

Managers were awful and treated staff disrespectfully. Other employees hired did not have any prior knowledge or experience and then were not taught how to do the job correctly.

Points positifs

Willing to discuss wages

Points négatifs

Minimal to no breaks, rude coworkers and managers, took an extensive toll on personal mental health, unfair wages
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Easy going depending on management

Pet valu in Canada is a chain so you will have different experiences for every store. Personally my store is very chill, we have a very understanding manager that is easy to work with and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. But the store owner and operator are different, anytime they are around it’s very stressful and tightly wound. This job can go both ways it can be great if you like talking to customers, stocking, but there is never down time even if there is nothing to do they will find something. You will get great training it was 2 weeks, but Expect to be on your feet all day. There are no paid breaks but personally at my store you can get write offs which are returned or broken merchandise you can take home for free.

Points positifs

Training, discount

Points négatifs

Unpaid breaks, stressful store owners
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Bad management, and a stressful workplace

Don't work here. Believe me. Pay is average, lots of workplace drama, it is not worth all the hassle. You receive subpar treatment. Bad management. The benefit are there is the occasional animal, but not as often as you'd hope. Overall, not worth it to work here, don't put yourself through it. A lot of work and not enough benefit from it. Regular lifting of 40+ lbs and at least 2-3 orders recieved a week. There are pretty regular staffing issues so be prepared for that if applying. I am rating 2 stars instead of 1 because not EVERY store is the same.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Stress, drama, bad managment
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Extremely poor management. (Worst I’ve ever seen)Most employees slack off and don’t get spoken to about it. They also have a high turnover rate. They will promise you full time hours but will always cut your hours.(no benefits for full time employees unless you’re management) No proper training provided. Underpaid for the amount of work and stress you're expected to put on. Very unorganized. Very unprofessional.

Points positifs

Meeting new pets

Points négatifs

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Corporate structure with lots of management

I personally had a great time when I was working here, they do have a lot of structure to follow and you will have sales goals but the management was positive and outgoingThe main cons with working here is that they limit the amount of hours per store and kinda make employees compete for them, at least when I worked for them they did, so it might be hard to work one job with them.And they dont really hire from within too often, although I'm sure being picky about management might not be a bad thing in all cases hahaYou do learn a lot working with a petvalu and its many other stores though! They have really good training and I do remember my job fairly positively.

Points positifs

Good training

Points négatifs

Mostly hires for part time
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Retail sales talking to customer about their pets, advising customers on food recomendations

Duties included opening the store, counting cash float, stocking and facing shelves, cleaning floors. Had to take a 40 hour on line course dealing with pets, health issues, food types etc. The owner was very easy to get along with and the staff were fun to work with. Hardest part of the job was the heavy lifting sometimes and the most enjoyable was meeting the 4 legged customers that came in to visit.
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Amazing job

I seriously love that job it’s not the best paid but at pet valu we are more like a family everyone is looking out for each other. Best job I ever had and I had some good ones
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productive workplace

new knowledge about the importance of pet nutrition, get to meet lots of different pets, participate in fundraising activities for various rescues. fast paced
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Its a job

Got ok hours, loved working with the animals pay was minimum wage nothing really unless.u were.a manager...............................................
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Great place to learn

I have been working at a Pet Valu corporate store for almost 2 years now. Its important to note that this job has a lot of training in pet nutrition, which takes about three months to complete all the modules, so you do need to be interested in learning to enjoy this job. I think its a great company to work for, although upper management is always hit or miss. Usually one store will have upwards of 5 emloyees, so expect to be friends with your colleagues! Great staff discounts, and the company will help you move up if you want the challenge.
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Working for Pet Valu

I really quite enjoyed working for Pet Valu. It was a relaxing job since it was never very busy at the store I worked at. The only con I had about the job is the pressure when it came to closing.
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Productive work environment

I truly enjoyed working at this Nova Scotia location, amazing staff, and amazing customers. There wasn't a day that I didn't go in anxious or upset. Staff really made sure that you were trained properly, and helped with checking expiration dates, and restocking.

Points positifs

30 minute breaks

Points négatifs

I recieved shorter shifts, requested longer hours.
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work overload for little pay

The higher ups expect way too much for the pay they call "competitive wages" they should focus on keeping the good staff with wage incentives instead of going through countless time wasters.

Points positifs

great manager!!!

Points négatifs

under appreciated
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Loved working there

I loved working with animals and people! A fun working environment and always something to do! Learned a lot about managing, animal health, products, and much more salary was great !

Points positifs

great team, friendly

Points négatifs

long hours, poor managment
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Great people, laid back work environment, amount of hrs you get are horrible not nearly enough while others get to much.

Great people, laid back work environment, amount of hrs you get are horrible not nearly enough while others get to much. Customers are always very polite and seeing their animals is fun.
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Fun envirnoment, lovely customer base, organized way of business for the most part.

I really do enjoy this job. The environment is laid back yet everything gets done. We get to do fun things, we see animals in a daily basis, we have events and fundraisers for local spca and rescue group which is very fufilling but my cons are its a very small staff (5) at my particular location which can cause quite a few issues in my opinion, although it does have its perks as well.
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Great Environment

I love the working environment. The people and customers are amazing. I have a passion for animals so it makes work fun. I learned so much about animals and animal health. Hardest part would online be re-stocking cans because it is so time consuming.
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Productive and a great learning experience

A typical day at work involved either opening or closing the store every shift. I provided customer service to a diverse amount of people. We were responsible for feeding and cleaning up after the animals. Every day we stocked the shelves and kept track of inventory. I learned a lot of responsibility while working at Pet Valu because I was given such large responsibilities such as a key to the store and the job of ensuring the tills were balanced and closing up properly. Also because I became in charge of training some of our new employees. My coworkers were also very diverse people who were supportive and helpful. Many of them are still my friends today although we no longer work together. The management could have been more understanding and easier to approach, they were not forgiving when it came to things such as school hours, which is something to me that is very important. The hardest part of the job would have been the heavy lifting and transporting. The most enjoyable part was providing the customer service and helping the ones in need. Also getting to know the regular ones. I really enjoyed interacted with the staff and customers.

Points positifs

Meeting new people

Points négatifs

Weekend hours only
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